Call Hawaiian Pools at 419-878-7946 or click here, and one of our designers will contact you.  We can answer your initial questions and then if you would like, set up a time to have an in-home consultation.  At that time, we will review your backyard and talk about placement and design, etc.
The sales and design process can go at your pace. It depends largely on your goals for your backyard. The typical time is about three to four weeks from initial meeting to an agreement but can take longer depending on the complexity of your project. Our designers try to get your plans together as timely as possible. We always encourage homeowners to plan ahead! It is never too early to start the process, even if you are a more than a year out.
Without having a particular affinity for any type of pool, whether fiberglass or shotcrete, our designers will consult with you on what your particular goals are for your backyard.  We help you to determine which is best for you based on your needs and budget.

We are happy to design your new backyard retreat for you based on our home visit and conversation about what you are looking for. We will schedule a time for you to review the design in our showroom. There is no charge for the design but it remains the property of Hawaiian Pools until a formal commitment is made by the homeowner.
Our designers are experienced and will show you designs in order to help determine what you like and don’t like.  It also helps for you to go to Pinterest or other sites and save ideas that you like, even if they are very different from each other.   We will help guide you through the design process.

Our residential projects start at about $45K and go up from there.  An average pool is about $65,000+ but costs will clearly vary depending on the complexity of your project.

There is never a bad time to build and weather always plays a part in how long the process takes.  Call us today and we’ll discuss the best time for to start your project.

Everything regarding the pool and/or spa. We’ll take care of zoning permits, the excavation and removal of spoils, installation of the pool, plumbing, pool coping, heater, pump, filter, salt chlorinator, LED lighting and the winter/safety cover.  Shotcrete pools include other materials such as tile and interior finish.

We have many materials options and features you may add to your pool to make it uniquely yours!

Hawaiian Pools is proud to install Pentair Pool and Spa equipment and white goods.  We are a Pentair Warranty Service Center.  With this, we offer our clients up to 3 years of coverage on their equipment versus a standard 1 year warranty.

Pool warranties vary depending on the pool type and manufacturer.  Call and speak with one of our consultants today for more information.

Does the price increase during the construction process; like when building a home?
Typically, the final contracted price does not change unless the client alters materials and/ or design concepts.  Any alteration to design or pricing must be approved by both parties and submitted via a change order.

A typical pool project will take about four to six weeks. However, there are many factors that can affect the time it will take to build your pool. Weather is the number one factor that can affect project time. The second is the complexity of the project. For example; Is it a pool/spa combination? What kind of pool are you building (fiberglass or shotcrete)? How complex is the surrounding decking? Is it a new home construction? Are there other contractors involved?

It is always our goal to finish your pool as quickly as possible without ever compromising quality. We will be happy to estimate the time it will take for your pool once we determine the type and design.

We will need a minimum 10’ of space to gain access to the yard to build the pool. We need the room to bring in the equipment necessary to excavate the hole, remove dirt as needed and haul materials in and out of the jobsite.
Hawaiian Pools employs our own construction crews and service personnel as well as support staff. We own our own equipment, such as dump trucks and excavators, etc. We work with professional partners for the surrounding decking of the pool as well as the electrical hook ups and gas plumbing. You do not need to make any phone calls during the construction process as we coordinate the full project.
We will help coordinate as much as possible throughout the project. We can refer you to experienced HVAC, Electrical, decking and landscaping contractors for those aspects of the job. Once selected, we will work hand in hand with those contractors to coordinate the timing of their work in an efficient manner.
There will be a lot of dirt excavated in order make room for your new pool. Depending on the slope of your yard, we will determine how much of the excavated soils should remain onsite to level everything out once the pool and decking are completed. Any extra dirt will be hauled out, to other locations where the soil can be used for various other applications.
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