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9 Fall Swimming Pool Upgrades To Consider For Your Ohio Pool

Fall might be the perfect time to consider updating your existing swimming pool. When you consider the transformative benefits reaped with a swimming pool renovation, the decision might be an easier one. Here’s nine swimming pool upgrades to consider for your Ohio pool:

  1. Add a salt-water chlorinator. These devices represent a new wave in swimming pool service technology. Salt-water chlorinators eliminate the need for liquid chlorine, granular chlorine, or chlorine tablets. When the pool needs to be chlorinated, the salt in the cell is converted into chlorine through a chemical process and it’s then released into the swimming pool water. Talk to your Ohio swimming pool builder to determine the overall cost of installation and when you will see a return on your investment.
  2. Amp up the lighting, both underwater and along the pathways to your pool. If you didn’t have any underwater lighting installed when you had your swimming pool built, now might be the time to consider this option. Adding color LED or fiber optic lighting not only increases the value of your swimming pool, they also enhance the functionality of it as well. Consider too, the ambiance these lights add to the swimming pool and you can see why many individuals opt to have them installed. Adding lighting to the pathways to the swimming pool adds safety and also enhances the beauty of your outdoor living area.
  3. Update the swimming pool finish. Much the same way that lighting breathes new life and beauty into your swimming pool so too can a new aggregate swimming pool plaster finish. These finishes, Ohio swimming pool builders explain, protect gunite swimming pools from damage but also offer many aesthetically pleasing looks. These finishes are durable as well as beautiful and can be added in a variety of colors and styles. Aggregate finishes can incorporate crystals, pebbles or quartz and come in myriad color choices. These surfaces refract and reflect the light that bounces off the water and this can create fascinating visual effects both day and night.
  4. Update the flora. Adding foliage poolside is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to breathe new life into the outdoor living space. Make certain you plant items that won’t draw bees or drop too many leaves or flowers into the pool as that can lead to more intense pool cleaning duties.
  5. The pool deck adds to the fun you have both in the pool and after you’re done swimming. Does your deck need to be resurfaced? You can upgrade the concrete, add stone pavers or if you have a wooden deck, you may want to re-stain it. Stamped or colored concrete pavers are affordable and beautiful.
  6. Go automatic. You can add automation to turn your hot tub heater and jets on and off, remove and replace a swimming pool cover or even install a robotic swimming pool vacuum. These technologies can be operated from a standard remote-control device or from your smart phone.
  7. Construct a gazebo or pool house. A gazebo is a lower cost alternative to a pool house but can also function as a great place for changing into and out of bathing suits, a perfect place for picnics or even if you’re in need of an area to store your pool equipment. If your budget allows for it, consider adding an outdoor kitchen – if you spend hours outside around the swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen is a logical step.
  8. Add a hot tub, sauna or spa to the outdoor living area. The addition of either of these items will enhance the time you spend around your swimming pool and depending on the placement and design can really add to the overall resale value of your home.
  9. A cascading waterfall makes a stunning visual impact. If you have the yard space to create a waterfall feature for your swimming pool, you can have the water cascade over rocks or boulders that can be planted with native mosses or water plants to enhance the visual appeal. Work with a professional landscaper and your swimming pool contractor to determine whether this will work with your pool design.

There are many other swimming pool renovations to consider ranging from electronic auto fill devices to natural stone decking or coping. When you work with us, we can come up with solutions that fit you’re your budget and your lifestyle.


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