Fall Cleanup

Fall Backyard and Pool Cleanup

Dive into a sanctuary of tranquility as you embark on the journey to rejuvenate your backyard and swimming pool. In this guide, we’ll explore practical strategies to transform your outdoor space into a pristine haven, where the shimmering waters of your pool beckon for a refreshing dip. Say goodbye to clutter and debris, and hello to a backyard retreat that promises relaxation and serenity at every turn. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Germs

Beware Of Germs In The Pool

The swimming season might be on its last leg, but when has that ever stopped you from diving into your in-ground pool? Well, before you jump in, do you even know if your pool is safe to swim in? And no… we are not asking that question because fall is just around the corner; we are asking that because of the germs. Continue Reading


Alternatives To Cleaning Your Pool With Chlorine

Traditionally, chlorine has been used to clean and sanitize swimming pools. In recent years, however, homeowners and swimming pool contractors alike have been examining ways to move away from chlorine and use alternative cleaning methods. Chlorine can cause red eyes, dry itchy skin and in some cases turn hair green and many people are looking for safer ways to keep their pool shiny and clean. Continue Reading

Winter Pool Closing

Preparing To Close Your Swimming Pool For Winter

A DIY Guide and When to Call a Professional

As the swimming season is coming to a close, pool owners turn their attention to winterization. Proper pool closing protects your investment from the harsh winter elements, ensuring a smooth and easy opening come spring. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to winterize your pool yourself, while also highlighting instances where seeking professional help might be wise. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemical Safety

Your swimming pool is probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of your backyard in the warm summer months. Many people hire Hawaiian Pools to clean and maintain their pool. Our technicians are knowledgeable, trained and know precisely how to maintain the chemical balance and keep your pool water sparkling clean. Continue Reading

Winter Swimming Myths

Three Winter Swimming Pool Myths

Cold weather is here, and you and your family can no longer swim in your in-ground swimming pool. Part of the pleasure of having a pool is the fact that it’s great exercise. But, what do you do in the winter? You may be concerned about joining a gym or the YMCA because of the concern of swimming in the winter months.  As a parent, you may even wonder whether your child can get sick from swimming in the winter. At Hawaiian Pools, we want to dispel three winter swimming myths. Continue Reading

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