Dog Swimming

Dog Safety In The Swimming Pool

As summer arrives, many families head to the backyard for poolside fun. But while swimming can be a great way for humans to cool off, it’s crucial to remember that not all dogs are natural-born swimmers. To ensure your furry friend enjoys a safe and splashtastic summer, here are some essential poolside safety tips for dog owners:

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Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion

Ohio residents tend to spend more time outside in the hot sun as the weather warms up. While lounging out in the sun might be a lot of fun, it can also be dangerous. When you are out in the sun, you may experience one of two potentially serious conditions: heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Knowing the difference between these heat-related illnesses is crucial as it could save your life or the life of a loved one. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Germs

Beware Of Germs In The Pool

The swimming season might be on its last leg, but when has that ever stopped you from diving into your in-ground pool? Well, before you jump in, do you even know if your pool is safe to swim in? And no… we are not asking that question because fall is just around the corner; we are asking that because of the germs. Continue Reading


Summer Safety Month

In 1996, the National Safety Council declared June to be the month of summer safety. The purpose was to raise awareness about the health risks associated with the summer months. Because the temperature is at its highest in June, we must take extra precautions to avoid heat-related illness. Continue Reading

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Fire Pit Safety

Fire Pit Safety Measures

The fun around the swimming pool doesn’t have to stop just because the sun has gone down nor when it starts to get chilly at night. Having a fire pit in your living space helps extend the evening fun. Continue Reading

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Safety First

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pools are an ideal place to spend time with friends and family, but like almost anything, owners should ensure that safety measures are in place. To prevent any kind of accidents in or around your swimming pool, talk to us, and we can provide a walk through on what steps you can take to make your pool the safest it can be. Continue Reading

Pool Safety

Simple Pool Safety Tips

Have Fun With These Pool Safety Tips

Every year there are accidents that occur in pools and beaches around the country which is why keeping safety top of mind is so important. Even if you think you’ve taken every measure to ensure safety around your pool, a refresher never hurts so we offer some guidelines to consider. Continue Reading

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Swimming Pool Slide

Diving Board and Slide Safety Tips

Your swimming pool installed and now comes the fun part – the installation of a diving board and slide. They certainly can be fun, but you have to practice caution and follow some safety rules.

A lot of people view a diving board as simply an add-on to the pool fun, but diving boards are the cause of many a backyard mishap. It should be routine for your swimming pool builder or service professional to check that your diving board is secure and in safe operating order. He or she will ensure that none of the hardware has become loose and that there are no cracks in the foundation securing the diving board. Continue Reading

Electrical Safety

May Is Electrical Safety Month

Spring has finally arrived in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. At Hawaiian Pool Builders we understand how ready you are for your in-ground swimming pool to be open, and how ready you are to dive right in. With summer not too far off, it’s a smart idea to make sure all of your electrical sources are safe. Since May is electrical safety month, we want to review the basics of ensuring all your power is in good working condition. Continue Reading

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