Four Tips To Avoid Getting A Sunburn

Finally! Summer is here, the days are getting hotter, and you’ve probably already enjoyed several weeks in your in-ground swimming pool. While splashing away in the cool water is loads of fun, getting a sunburn is not. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have four tips to avoid getting a sunburn.

It’s natural to want to get out in the sun during these warm, summer days, that’s one reason you have a pool. It should also be as natural to want to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun when you are outside. Continue Reading


Use Sunscreen Appropriately

Being in the sun and getting a dose of Vitamin D is beneficial for us, though it’s important to limit out time in the sun and use sunscreen. Not only should you apply, and reapply sunscreen when outside for extended periods, you should also apply it correctly in order to avoid a bad sunburn. It’s important to use sunscreen appropriately.

Here are a few ways that people incorrectly use, or misuse sunscreen: Continue Reading

Electrical Safety

May Is Electrical Safety Month

Spring has finally arrived in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. At Hawaiian Pool Builders we understand how ready you are for your in-ground swimming pool to be open, and how ready you are to dive right in. With summer not too far off, it’s a smart idea to make sure all of your electrical sources are safe. Since May is electrical safety month, we want to review the basics of ensuring all your power is in good working condition. Continue Reading

Pool Party

Swimming Pool – A Party Waiting To Happen

As soon as you become a swimming pool owner you become a gathering place. There is nothing more fun or exciting than inviting over friends and family to your house for a swimming pool party on a hot summer day. When the sun goes down, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end because that is the time to for LED twinkle lights on the deck area and some floating candles in the swimming pool to set the mood.

As your Ohio swimming pool builder, when you work with us, we can help you make certain your swimming pool is always party-ready. Continue Reading

Child and His Pet Dog

Children In The Swimming Pool

Families who have swimming pools know that before they can teach their children to swim, they have to first get them comfortable in the swimming pool. It takes patience and perseverance to get your child comfortable in the water and the parent has to offer loving support while doing this. The rewards of patience pay off in the long run when you and your children will be able to spend hours of fun in the swimming pool. Continue Reading

Commercial Pool Safety

Commercial Pool Safety

Many of us do not live where we have our own pool but our condominium and apartment complexes have shared pools that are owned commercially. Whether you are the commercial owner or a resident user, commercial pools present challenges of their own. Many of the additional regulations for commercial pools vary by state so it is important to research the rules for your own state to insure compliance. But not to worry … they will find you when they send out their Public Inspector to make sure your pool is appropriate for use. Continue Reading

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