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Cracks in Swimming Pool

Is Your Swimming Pool Cracking?

If you’ve enjoyed your swimming pool for many years, you likely notice it is starting to show signs of wear and tear from the years of fun and frolic you and your family have shared together. You may be seeing areas of the pool that need to be patched and repaired and it might be time to call on the services of a swimming pool contractor. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool

Purchasing An In-Ground Swimming Pool For Christmas

There’s a trend in holiday gift giving recently that is focusing on larger, family-oriented gifts. While it’s fair to say that an in-ground swimming pool for Christmas from Hawaiian Pool Builders may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it is something to consider. There is some logic behind purchasing your pool for Christmas. Continue Reading

Family swimming pool

Seventeen Reasons To Own A Pool

When you live in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan like we do, you could be skeptical about adding an in-ground swimming pool. The summers aren’t very long, and you may think that the enjoyment is worth the investment but we have seventeen reasons to prove that owning a pool is well worth it! Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Cost

What Does It Cost To Own A Swimming Pool?

When you’re considering a swimming pool, one of the most common questions we are asked is “how much is this going to cost”? This simply isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer because each one is unique.

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs you will incur if you become a swimming pool owner:

If you plan to invest in a traditional in-ground swimming pool you can plan to spend anywhere from $20,000 up to, or even over $100,000. The variance in prices depends on the size and style of the pool you choose, the accessories you want to have installed with it and the building materials you choose for the project. Angie’s List estimates that $25,000 is the average price to have a pool installed, but again, it all depends on the size, style, equipment and building materials chosen.

Caring for the swimming pool once it’s been built is something that all potential pool owners need to consider. You could plan on cleaning the pool yourself. In that case, you will need to invest in the necessary chemicals and make certain you have a safe place to store them

If you opt to hire a company to clean your pool, there are associated costs. When determining whether it’s more cost effective for you to clean the pool yourself or hire a professional you will also want to consider how long it will take you to clean and maintain it and whether you have the time to devote to the task.

Talk with your homeowner’s insurance agent to see whether they will provide coverage if you have a swimming pool and if you will need to increase your liability coverages. You may be looking at an increase in your homeowner’s insurance premiums of 20% in some cases.

Don’t forget to factor in pool toys and outdoor furniture, items for your outdoor living space and patio furniture. Once we pay a site visit to discuss your swimming pool project, we will be able to give you a better idea on what it will cost to have your own family swimming pool installed.

3D Pool Studio

Considering A Swimming Pool House?

The focus of Hawaiian Pool Builders is to bring a custom-built in-ground swimming pool to your residence in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan. We also know that many times you want more out of your backyard space. Adding a swimming pool house to your yard may be exactly the right fit.

When the rich and famous of Hollywood began having private pools built in their backyards in the 1930’s, the pool area typically included a small structure a few feet away from the water. Most of these pool houses were built to mimic their main residence. Continue Reading

Saltwater Generator

Should You Get A Saltwater Swimming Pool?

Saltwater swimming pools have gained in popularity over the years and it has many of our Michigan swimming pool customers asking us to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of making the switch from traditional chlorine cleaning to a salt water cleaning system.

Saltwater pools work by converting salt to chlorine using an electrolytic converter. This produces the same type of bacteria-killing chlorine found in a traditional pool, but in a radically different fashion. Since the salt generator is adding chlorine to the water at a constant rate, it is capable of displacing the bad odor and the burning irritation associated with chlorine, and keeps the levels maintained continually. Continue Reading

Swimming Pool Layout

Plan Your Pool Project Today

While it may not seem like it, winter is the ideal time of year to begin planning for your summer swimming pool construction project. You may wonder why, especially if the snow is flying, but getting your ducks in a row means you can spend unhurried time with the swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders to develop the plan for the ideal pool for you and your family. Continue Reading

Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction Checklist

An in-ground swimming pool is a large investment. Your personality, style and budget are all things to consider when talking with one of our professionals at Hawaiian Pool Builders. Using this swimming pool construction checklist will help guide you along the journey.

Location is (almost) everything. Where do you want your pool located? Consider the overall design of your yard and home when deciding where to dig. Our team can assist you with any questions you have with your chosen location.

Understanding where and how your ideas fit into your budget is the next step. Design and type are the first factors to look at. It’s also wise to consider extended warranties and service options.

How will you and your family use your pool? Will it be for relaxation, family and friend gatherings, entertaining, exercise, or any combination of these? When you design your pool it’s important to consider these options. If you are considering add-ons like water treatments and fiber-optic lighting, now is the time.

Site preparation comes first in the physical construction of your pool. Depending on the style and size you choose, this could include excavation and/or forming a steel wall or other types of reinforcement. It could also include adding dirt, gravel or other materials to help smooth the pool floor and sides.

We will then place a liner or add a gunite pool surface. When the interior is complete the lip or cap – known as coping – around the edge of the pool will be added. The electrical and plumbing will then be finalized.

Add water and enjoy. Now you can look around and decide on your landscaping, or a full outdoor kitchen area.

With Hawaiian Pool Builders, you can be assured of professional experience, and superior customer service. We look forward to seeing your design completed, and this short swimming pool construction checklist will help guide you ever step of the way.


Outdoor Seating Under Umbrella

Is It Time For Renovating Your Pool?

In Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, we don’t typically consider winter a ‘pool season’ as your pool generally sits idle for several months. We want to help you see every season is pool season. If you have been thinking about renovating your pool, late winter and early spring is a great time to plan. It’s better to start thinking about renovations and repairs now rather than wait until the swimming season starts. Since we still have several weeks of colder weather, but snow is off (and on) the ground, this is the time to schedule a visit.

Renovation or restoration does not always equal expensive. There are some ways that you can add some new life to your pool without major expenses. Continue Reading

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