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5 Questions About Solar Pool Heating Systems

The popularity of solar pool heating is increasing in Northwest Ohio. The fact is, solar pool heating is an environmentally-friendly alternative to other heating systems. Solar pool heating systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants. What’s more, these systems are low-maintenance and easy to use, with a proven long-life span.  As your Ohio swimming pool builder, Hawaiian Pool Builders has answers to five questions about solar heating pool systems.

Solar swimming pool kits harness the energy of the sun to help regulate the temperature of the swimming pool water. In many cases, solar panels are placed on the roof of your home to draw in the heat from the sunlight. From the panels to the swimming pool, tubing is connected which transfers the heat from the solar panels to the swimming pool, circulating the water.

Why is a solar pool heating system a good choice? As mentioned, they are environmentally friendly as they use free energy from the sun, reducing the need of electricity or gas to heat your in-ground swimming pool. The cost and maintenance are minimal, and these systems have a life expectancy of 20+years.

Will a solar pool heating system really heat my pool? Yes, it will. It will raise your pool temperature 2 to 5 degrees each time the water passes through the system. It will also raise your pool’s temperature 5 to 15 degrees over a period of several days of good weather. A solar blanket will help hold in the heat at night or when it’s windy and can help the system be even more effective.

Can it also cool my pool? Interestingly, the answer is yes! During the hottest parts of the summer, running the solar pool heating system at night can cool your in-ground swimming pool to a more refreshing swimming temperature; bringing it down several degrees in one night if the conditions are right.

How do they work? Most solar pool heating systems comprise of four components: the solar collector, filter, pump and flow control. These components work together to take full advantage of the energy provided naturally from the sun. It maintains a consistent, swimmable temperature during the swimming pool season. Pool water is pumped first through the filter, then through a set of tubes where it is heated by the sun’s rays and returned to the pool via the pump. Water temperature is controlled using the flow control valve (either manual or automatic) that diverts the pool water through the solar collectors.

Can my electric or gas heat pump be converted to a solar pool heating system? Yes, it can. In some cases, even be added onto your current system. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want you to know all of your options when adding a solar pool heating system to a new swimming pool project or to your existing in-ground swimming pool. Stop by the show room, or call to make an appointment to discuss your options with one of our team members.


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