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5 Tips To Make Your Swimming Pool Safe

Swimming pool safety is something that should never be taken lightly, even if you and your children have taken swimming lessons and are comfortable in the water.

Swimming pool safety awareness has grown exponentially since the early 1990’s. In fact, many states have passed legislation requiring swimming pool owners and swimming pool builders to incorporate specific safety measures. These measures range from having gates surrounding the swimming pool, to having drain covers installed to the diligent use of swimming pool covers.

We work with Michigan and Ohio swimming pool owners to implement safety features. Enhancing the security of your pool area offers multiple layers of protection.

We’d like to offer these five tips to make your swimming pool safe:

  • A poolside fence is an important safety measure. Fencing is mandatory in some area but if not required in your area, it should be considered as it provides an added barrier from accidents. If your swimming pool is in ground and you don’t have a fence, a child could run, slip and fall in, especially if he’s playing outside in the dark. A swimming pool fence that surrounds the entire pool and locks is a safety measure that can be both beautiful and functional.
  • Swimming pool safety alarms provide an additional layer of protection. These alarms come in many styles including bands worn on the swimmers and to alarms that sound if the surface of the water is broken. Your swimming pool builder can help you choose the best alarm for your lifestyle.
  • Education about swimming pool safety should be continually discussed. Your children should know they shouldn’t run around the pool deck, they shouldn’t have any riding toys in the pool area, and they should never swim without an adult in attendance.
  • Lifejackets and swimming pool life saving devices should be kept in the pool area. Your children should know how to use these devices and depending on their level of comfort in the water they should use lifejackets when they’re in the water.
  • Keep a telephone and a list of emergency contact numbers poolside. Always appoint a responsible adult to keep track of the children that are in the pool and make certain that someone in attendance knows how to perform CPR.

Motion detection cameras coupled with computer monitoring is another way to ensure that no one is getting into your pool area without your permission and knowledge. While this may seem extreme, in larger homes or more remote swimming pools, this is a smart addition.

Consider swimming pool safety measures as a way to enhance the enjoyment your family has around the swimming pool rather than as restrictions to fun.

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