Pool Safety

Simple Pool Safety Tips

Have Fun With These Pool Safety Tips

Every year there are accidents that occur in pools and beaches around the country which is why keeping safety top of mind is so important. Even if you think you’ve taken every measure to ensure safety around your pool, a refresher never hurts so we offer some guidelines to consider.

Don’t Swim Alone
While this tip is especially important at beaches and lakes, even those who swim in the backyard pool should consider this tip. Children, especially, should not swim along as they are at greater risk for pool related accidents.

Distance Yourself
Especially in 2020, and for the foreseeable future, stay 6 feet apart & wear a mask when you’re not in the pool if you’re swimming with people who you do not live with on a regular basis. Even with your family, don’t share towels or swimming gear.

Tidy Up
Cleaning up around the pool is as important as inside your home. In fact, it may be more important. Leaving pool toys out can be a real hazard so find a place to store all of your pool noodles and other water accessories when not in use. It is also a good idea NOT to leave the toys in the water as kids may be tempted to try to reach in and grab them. Prevent slips and falls by finding a place for everything to keep the pool deck as safe as possible.

Use A Pool Cover
A pool cover offers all kinds of protection. When the pool is not in use, not only does it help to keep out bugs and debris but it also reduces the chances of someone falling in accidentally. Remember, however, that a pool cover is not a fail-safe measure against falling in; careful monitoring of the area, a fence and alarmed gate add greater security.

Don’t Drink And Swim.
It probably goes without saying but alcohol and swimming don’t mix well. Be Wise, Be Safe. Enough said.

Safety Equipment
There are a few things that you should keep near the pool.

  • A shepherd’s hook and/or a life preserver
  • Pool markers or ropes to mark where the deep end of the pool starts

Store Chemicals Properly
Properly storing your pool chemicals is crucial. Prevent an accident with pool chemicals by storing them in a safe location where they won’t get knocked over, get mixed with other chemicals or get wet. Chemicals should be kept away from children at all times.

While this isn’t a full list of safety tips, it should prompt you to review how safe your pool area really is.

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