Pool Safety Tips For Children

7 Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Children

Children learn from many sources as they grow, and home should be where they learn the most. Teaching them safety at home should be the rule, not an exception. In many modern families, both parents work outside of the home, making it even more important that your children learn about safety at home and around your swimming pool. Hawaiian Pool Builders has compiled a list of seven swimming pool safety tips for children.

Keep cleaning products and other chemicals properly stored away – From detergent to deodorant, many household products are potentially hazardous to kids if swallowed. To be sure that you’ve stored them properly, think from their perspective. Your swimming pool chemicals are no exception. While we understand you want them easily accessible, keep them locked up in your outdoor shed, or in a cupboard in the garage.

Keep electrical outlets and exposed wires covered – Make your home safe from all kinds of electric shock by covering electrical outlets you do not use on a regular basis. Keep the cords on your small appliances tucked away, and make sure that they don’t have any damage to their insulated covers. When you open your pool this year, pay close attention to any wires that lead to your pool pump. Pay close attention to any electrical outlets in and around your pool, including your patio area. If you notice any damaged cords or outlets, repair or replace them immediately prior to getting into your pool.

Pet safety – Pets are can be very affectionate, but some actions startle them, and could cause your dog or cat to react. Teach them at an early age to not pull their tail or their ears. Tell them to not bother their pets when they are eating. We know children don’t like anyone messing with their food, and it’s the same for a dog or cat. It’s recommended that they don’t try to take away Fido’s toy either. Your pooch is going to want to play in the pool with you.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – When a fire breaks out, you and your children have only seconds to escape the heat, smoke and deadly gases. In addition, have an exit strategy and safe zone already determined, and practice the plan with your family. That way, in case of a fire, everyone can get to safety more quickly.

This may not seem important when it comes to your swimming pool, however, if you have any type of fire by your pool, either a grill or a fire pit, knowing the safety plan is as important as it is indoors.

Better safe than sorry –
 Keep a list of all your emergency contacts in a place where your children can see them and make appropriate calls if necessary. Friends, neighbors, poison control, doctor, pharmacy, etc. Make sure they understand what dictates an emergency, and who to call. Have a well-stocked first aid kit placed in an easily accessible location.

Do not leave your kids alone in water – Kids love to splash around in water, whether it’s a bathtub or a swimming pool. Though this is fun, accidents can occur. Never leave your kids unattended. Make sure that every child that has access to your pool can swim, and/or is wearing proper floatation devices for their age.

Have your pool safety checklist clearly posted – Don’t take it for granted that everyone understands your rules. There are many ways to display your swimming pool rules that are fun, and eye catching.

Now you can sit back and relax, while your children enjoy the pool.

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