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Accessories For Your Swimming Pool

There is nothing better than time spent in and around the swimming pool or relaxing poolside. As you begin laying out your pool design, it’s always a good thing, and fun to look at some of the top accessories for your swimming pool.

Here are a few options to consider:

Add a swim current generator – These items can help you maximize your swimming pool workout as they add a current for you to swim against. They are also just fun for the children to play in as they try to swim against it. A swim current generator can be added to your swimming pool regardless of its shape or size.

Automatic swimming pool cover – While not actually an accessory that will add fun to your pool, an automatic swimming pool cover will make it easier to open and close the cover and as your pool contractor will tell you, using a cover can help slow down the amount of water lost to evaporation, help you use fewer chemicals to keep it clean and provide an additional layer of protection. Our team can add the track system to your existing pool and at the push of a button you can open and close the pool cover.

Remote control features – Speaking of automation, ask us which of your pool operations could be controlled by remote control. Operating specific items on your pool or hot tub can make it easier to turn on pumps, set timers for hot tub heaters and myriad other items. Another item that can be automated is the vacuuming of your pool. How? We can install an automatic swimming pool vacuum, or you may want to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner – drop it in, turn it on and it cleans for you.

Add different accessories – Add a waterslide or a diving board. These fun accessories change up the activity in your swimming pool.

Outdoor movie screen – Set up a movie theater in the backyard and invite friends over for a movie under the stars. With a projector television and a sheet as a backdrop you can relax, sit outside and watch a movie! Consider popping some popcorn over a backyard fire pit.

Add a fire feature – Build a fire pit, or add one of the other types of fire features to your outdoor experience.  These are ideal for those end of summer nights when it gets a bit cooler, but you just don’t want to go indoors. A fire pit provides heat, beauty and is also a place where you could cook meals or s’mores.

Tanning ledge – Perhaps you are interested in adding a tanning ledge to your pool side? The ultimate in sophistication, tanning ledges let you lounge in style by providing a separate shallow area. It’s a perfect place for an umbrella and some lounge chairs and can even serve as the kiddie pool for easier supervision. Consider adding a hot tub. This is one of the main factors many homeowners consider when building a custom swimming pool, and for good reason. Spas aren’t just ideal for R&R, they ease muscle tension and promote harmony between the mind and body. Perfect for active, busy parents.

With so many additional pool options, you can get as creative as you want, or keep it as simple as you desire. At Hawaiian Pools, we look forward to designing your own personal retreat right in your own backyard. Talk with us to see what we can help you do to increase the fun in your swimming pool and outdoor living space.

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