Building A Pool Part 2: The Options

At Hawaiian Pool Builders, one of our trademark statements is “Imagine the Possibilities”. Now’s the time for you to do just that.

You now understand the “why” behind your reasons for building a new swimming pool and you’ve determined your style.

Now it’s time to look at the pools and features that you like.

We recommend a meeting with our design team to discuss what you’ve discovered so far and dream aloud about your interests and wants. Perhaps a backyard dining space is as important as the pool itself. You may want a patio that complements the pool with lots of space for entertaining or you may simply want the most wonderful water escape your money can buy. We’re here to help you through those decisions.

If your primary motivation is to get a better tan, a tanning ledge might be a mandatory feature but if you want to have the kids and grandkids enjoy the space, you might consider a beach entry or features such as a slide.

Is exercise your main motivator? Perhaps you’ll want to consider ensuring your pool has some length to it.

Start by previewing our latest work  and our spas and features collection. You should also do a search for swimming pool design, swimming pools and other related phrases on Google and search thru the images. As you find images you like, bookmark the pages. You can copy the image and paste it into a word document, print them and bring to your next meeting with your pool contractor. To do this, “right-click” on a photo. It will usually give you the option to “copy image” or “save image.” Another option is to press the “print screen” function on your keyboard which will save an image of what is on your screen.

By sharing these images with the design team, you’ll be more likely to create the pool you have in mind within your budget.




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