Thankful For A Pool

Four Reasons to Be Thankful For a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool ownership comes with a lot of responsibility but there are also many reasons to be thankful for the benefit of a backyard pool. We offer up a few reasons you can be thankful.

  1. Beauty & Appeal – Before installing a swimming pool a backyard may be a bit blah and serve little purpose other than the need to be mowed each week. Regardless of the look and features, a lovely backyard is certainly something to be thankful for. When you own your own pool, it’s like having your own personal oasis in your backyard. After a stressful day, having the luxury of diving into the cool water and getting a little exercise has amazing benefits. Of course, laying on a raft and taking a quick nap is also therapeutic. Reducing stress improves your health, and better health is always something for which you can be thankful.
  2. Fitness & Relaxation – There are many advantages to a pool. From stress relief, low impact exercise, a get away from the rigors of everyday activity and more, a pool simply offers a great place to relax and invigorate. There’s nothing better after a long day than to jump into the swimming pool and float or do exercises. Swimming and exercising in the pool can provide a great full body workout and can aid in physical therapy. No monthly membership fees, no drives to the gym – just step out the door and you’ll find that you’re thankful for this addition to your home!
  3. Memories – Swimming pools are a fantastic place to gather with your family and friends. Instead of staring endlessly at a television screen, get outside and spend time face to face with those you love. What better way to create memories that last forever?  Later, you can reminisce about last week’s, or last year’s, pool party and all the fun you had.
  4. Fresh Air – If you spend lots of time indoors at work each day, swimming in the pool provides the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and the great outdoors. Soaking up a little sun, breathing in the fresh air and listening to the breeze is a treat for mind, body and soul.
  5. Special OccasionsA pool is a great place to celebrate special occasions of all kinds. Birthdays, holiday festivities, anniversaries, wedding or baby showers. Hosting these events pool side seems to make these occasions more memorable.
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