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How To Keep Pests Away From Your Pool

Few things are more refreshing than lounging in your in-ground swimming pool with a book in your hand or perhaps a sweet margarita. However, if mosquitoes are buzzing around your head or there are scores of dead flies in the pool, your much-needed rest can quickly turn into yet another cause of stress and frustration.

For some reason, bugs tend to find their way into your backyard oasis all the time. Although outdoor swimming is not a year-round thing in Ohio, these pesky pests can thrive in your backyard pool throughout the year.

Mosquitoes are notorious for living or breeding in the water. However, they are not the most common offenders, that honor belongs to water striders, water boatmen, and backswimmers. It should be noted, though, that pretty much any bug (including ticks) can live in your pool water without your knowledge. The strange thing about ticks is that while they cannot swim, they can survive in your pool for up to three days!

Here we look at some quick and easy ways to address your pest problem so you can get back to dipping your toes and relaxing in your in-ground swimming pool:

  1. Eliminate Any Standing Water – If you have standing water near your pool such as in kiddie pools, empty flower pots, wheelbarrows, trenches, swing sets, and so on, you might as well send an RSVP to mosquitoes and other bugs. Get rid of any standing water and keep those nasty critters away from your pool.
  2. Maintain Your Landscaping – Flowering plants, trees, and shrubs all add to the beauty of a pool area. Unfortunately, they also attract a large number of bugs. Trimming thick grass and overhanging branches as well as keeping several feet around your in-ground pool clear of any plant will prevent creepy-crawlies from getting anywhere close to your pool.
  3. Get Rid of Leftover Food -This is a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. Of course, bugs are drawn to food. If you have any leftover food lying around, it can attract all kinds of bugs and ruin your pool experience. Take care of that and watch the bug population dwindle. Also, if you have a backyard composter, keep it away from the pool.
  4. Zap ’em or Smoke ’em – Electronic bug zappers can be incredibly effective in gatekeeping unwelcome flying insects around your pool. Moreover, today’s bug zappers come in various styles that can be seamlessly integrated into your landscape design. If the shock does not work, the smoke will. Smoke is an effective natural bug repellent. With that in mind, candles and tiki torches are excellent options for repelling bugs such as mosquitos and spiders off your outdoor pool area.
  5. Add Plants – Many bugs seem to dislike the fragrances of certain plants, including garlic, onions, sage, lavender, catnip, mint, and rosemary. Consider planting these in a garden area around your pool to create an aroma that will fend off bugs.
  6. Set Out Bird Feeders – Hanging bird feeders to bring birds near your pool area is a great way to keep bugs at bay. Not only are bird feeders beautiful and interesting to watch, but many birds actually eat bugs for breakfast.
  7. Use a Pool Cover – When you are not using your pool, make sure you cover it with a pool cover. Investing in a swimming pool cover, whether it is a standard plastic tarp or a sophisticated automatic cover, will help prevent pests from breaking into your pool and calling it their home.
  8. Screen The Pool Area – Although it is the most expensive option, enclosing the pool area with a screen can be the most effective way to keep bugs away for good. Most insects will never be able to enter your pool area because of the physical barrier. You can also consider patio curtains if you do not want to spend so much money on pool screening.

Although you cannot stop all bugs and pests from entering your inground swimming pool, you can reduce the appeal of the area around your pool to discourage bugs from approaching it.

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