Inground Swimming Pool

Inground Swimming Pool Options

Inground swimming pools are an investment in your home and the value it adds in terms of memories built with your family and friends. We’d like to remind you about the various inground pool options available to you.

Here are the three most popular types:

Fiberglass: This is a one-piece shell – much like a bathtub –that is delivered to your home and placed in the excavated area. These pools come in myriad colors and varied shapes. They are considered low maintenance and long-lasting.

Gunite (aka concrete): The most expensive option, but the longest lasting and most versatile. With gunite, the design options are virtually limitless. Gunite is ideal for elaborate designs, zero entry and for a vanishing edge pool design.

Vinyl liner: This is one of the most traditional choices and remains popular because of its price and beauty of design options.

After you’ve chosen your pool construction material you will need to choose the type of filter you want for your swimming pool. The choice is both personal and practical as some filters may operate more efficiently and effectively in certain settings and situations; your pool contractor can explain your options and help you make the choice.

Here are the three types of filters from which to choose:

Cartridge: A cartridge filter uses a paper-type device to filter bacteria and debris from the pool. You will need to replace the paper cartridge.

DE filters: Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters have plastic grids covered by a fabric. The fabric in the filter is coated in a fine powder – the DE. Debris and bacteria filters through and is captured by the DE.

Sand: A sand filter uses high grade pool sand. The water from the pool is pushed through the filter and the sand captures dirt and debris.

Don’t forget about landscaping around your swimming pool as part of the overall project. You will want to decide what kind of greenery, decking and outdoor living space to have around your pool. Your pool landscaping can be as simple as a deck or as elaborate as a pool house with an outdoor kitchen or anywhere in between. Even if you don’t construct the outdoor living area as part of the project immediately, it makes sense to plot it out so you can see how the overall project will look, regardless of when you finish it.

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