Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Cooking shows are continually gaining popularity. That could be the reason many individuals are picking up their spatulas and stepping into the kitchen. Once summer rolls around, who wants to leave the comfort and coolness of being poolside to step into the indoor kitchen and start dinner?

With so many outdoor kitchen ideas, you can add even more hours to the time you spend outside around the swimming pool. The swimming pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders work with pool owners to create outdoor living space that is both functional and beautiful and that often includes adding an outdoor kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen enhances family time, a gathering of friends and is a perfect way to entertain. You also know that the kitchen is typically the most popular room in the house, and you’ll find this is true when you have an outdoor kitchen constructed.

There are a few items you will want to consider before making the leap into having your swimming pool builder construct an outdoor kitchen or patio area around your swimming pool, they are:

  • What kind of cooking will you be doing? Are you looking for an elaborate set up that will take you from scrambled eggs for breakfast to soufflés for dinner? Do you plan to only grill burgers and hot dogs or are you looking to accomplish something in between? The amount and depth of the cooking you want to do outside will dictate the type of stove and oven set up you will want to install as well as the type of outdoor storage such as cupboards and refrigerator space. When buying your outdoor kitchen equipment, go for quality as it will have to withstand the elements and you want it to last for decades. If you don’t have the budget for an elaborate kitchen set up, one of our design team members can help you prepare to start small and build up annually.
  • Is your kitchen going to be the focal point of the backyard or do you want it to simply blend into the landscape? This will need to be determined before you start the project. You may want to have the kitchen set up nestled into a corner of the backyard off to the side of the swimming pool so that you can get to it when you need to but you may not want it to be front and center; again this choice is dependent on the type and amount of cooking and entertaining you will do.
  • What else do you have planned for your outdoor living space while the cooking is going on? For many individuals cooking and eating are the highlights of the time spent around the swimming pool. What if you plan on turning your outdoor living space into an extension of your house complete with sitting area and big screen televisions to watch sporting events? Will your friends be content to simply mingle and relax while the meal’s being prepared? Do you want to add music or other entertainment? How about having a fireplace or portable fire pit installed for those nights when the air is just a bit chilly?
  • How much outdoor living space can your backyard accommodate? Don’t plan for a large kitchen and outdoor living area if you have limited space available. Keep your budget and space limitations in mind when making your plans.
  • What incidentals will you need to plan for? Ask your swimming pool builder for design ideas that include all eventualities such as plumbing or electricity. If you’re looking to have an area for a big screen television, will you need a waterproof, sheltered area for it? Consider all options and opportunities for your outdoor living area.

The time spent to carefully consider and design your outdoor living area will be worth it and allow you to take full advantage of the space you’ve created.


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