Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Showers Enhance Your Pool Experience

You know how you’re always telling the kids, “shower before you get into the pool!” especially when they are dirty or dusty? Or those times when you’re telling them to shower off after they get out? If you had an outdoor shower, it would be so much easier to get them to comply, right?

We offer these tips if you want to have an outdoor shower for your family. An outdoor shower is one of those accessories that is so convenient and keeps everyone from tracking through the house with wet bathing suits.

What kind of outdoor shower could you have? There are many choices from a simple structure to a more permanent, beautiful and heated outdoor shower located adjacent to your swimming pool area.

Adding a shower to your pool area involves making a few decisions and they include:

  • Where you want the shower located. Close to the pool, connected to a tree? In an enclosure in your backyard or in an area adjacent to the swimming pool or your outdoor living space?
  • Do you wanted heated water or water from the hose? If you want heated water it will be a more involved project that will include having to install specific plumbing and perhaps electricity for the structure.
  • Will you want a permanent enclosure for your outdoor shower or do you want a shower with no enclosure at all?
  • You can add towel heaters, a seat, lighting, cabinets or even solar heating to your outdoor shower. Much as with your swimming pool, the sky and your budget are the limit when it comes to designing your outdoor shower area.

If you think an outdoor shower might be right for you, let us know and we can talk about the design.


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