Pool Guide

We all love to bask in the warmth of the summer sun, especially while in the swimming pool. There will also come a time, though, when you want to relax in the shade and enjoy time poolside without having to be in direct sunlight. What can you do to assure the pool is in a sunny spot, but that the pool area still provides an escape into a shaded area?

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When we meet with our customers for a swimming pool service, they typically ask us for advice on cleaning the swimming pool furniture. We have some basic cleaning techniques that we provide and here they are.

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If you own a swimming pool chances are you know that we always tout the benefits of swimming pool covers.

There are multiple reasons that we believe that all pool owners should use a swimming pool cover and here are five:

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If you’re thinking about building a swimming pool, or even if you already have one in your back yard, understanding some of the terms used in the swimming pool industry can be helpful. Often new pool owners feel a disadvantage when it comes to understanding how the pool operates or the terminology used by pool professionals. This explanation will help pool owners and those considering a new pool to understand some of the industry terms.

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Water features have become a hot trend in the construction and landscape of swimming pools today.. While commonplace around tropical pools in warmer climates, they are very popular in Ohio and Michigan as well. More homeowners are choosing to add waterfalls and water features to their swimming pool than ever before because of the soothing sounds and visual effects. Here are four water features you can consider adding to your inground swimming pool project.

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The Hawaiian Pool Builders design team uses “Pool Studio”, a professional 3d swimming pool design software that helps you design a pool with confidence. When creating a backyard living space, many homeowners opt for additional features such as an outdoor kitchen, water features and a fire pit. Fire pits add ambiance and warmth to any outdoor living space and when added poolside, it can create a wonderful place to relax and enjoy three seasons. Hawaiian Pool Builders creates custom fire pits but some homeowners also choose to add a fire pit separate from the construction of their swimming pool.

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The lovely, lazy days of summer are right around the corner and our swimming pool builders have been busy helping customers open their pools for the season and working with them to put together a plan for the outdoor living space.

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When you work with your swimming pool builder to have a swimming pool constructed, he will also be looking at your entire landscape and will show you how your dream pool fits into the existing landscape. Conversely, he can also help you change your existing landscape to suit the pool design you’re hoping for.

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The very idea of having your own swimming pool is, for many, a dream come true. A pool is an ideal place to spend time with friends and family and get in shape all while having fun. A backyard swimming pool is also the centerpiece of your backyard and you can work with your Hawaiian Pool Builders swimming pool contractor to enhance the aesthetics of your pool and outdoor living space even more.

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Working out in a swimming pool or hot tub is a great way to exercise without causing injury to muscles and joints. A water workout is therapeutic in that it can help loosen the aching joints of an individual suffering from arthritis. Also, if you’ve suffered an injury and are in need of rehabilitation, your backyard swimming pool could just be the best place to do that!

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