Backyard Swimming Pool

The Art of Designing the Perfect Swimming Pool

Building a swimming pool is an exciting endeavor that can transform your backyard into a family oasis of fun and relaxation. However, this process requires careful planning and consultation with a design team to ensure that the final result aligns with your needs and desires. While the discussion varies with each prospective pool owner, we like to go over these items, and more, to help guide our recommendations.    

Understanding Your Home:

The first step in the pool-building process is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your home and its surroundings. The design team will inquire about various aspects to help guide their recommendations:

  1. Home History: The team will ask how long you have been living in your home and if you built it. Understanding the history of your home can provide insights into its structure and any previous outdoor improvements.
  2. Building Status: If you are in the process of building your home, the target move-in date and the builder’s information are crucial pieces of information. Consulting with the builder can help integrate the pool design seamlessly with the construction plans.
  3. Available Space: The team will assess the space available for the pool and consider whether the yard is flat or sloped. The topography will influence the pool’s design and construction possibilities.
  4. Pool Size and Shape: The design team will discuss the ideal size and shape of the pool based on your preferences and the available space. If you haven’t considered this yet, we will provide guidance to ensure the pool fits your needs.
  5. Household Composition: Knowing who makes up your household, including adults, kids, and pets (like dogs), will impact the pool’s design and safety considerations. If you have dogs, the team will inquire about whether they will be using the pool as well.
  6. Pool Usage: Understanding the primary purpose of the pool is essential. Is it primarily for your immediate household’s enjoyment or do you also plan to use it for entertaining guests?
  7. Decision Timeline: The team will inquire about how long you have been contemplating the idea of building a pool and when you hope to have it constructed.

Evaluating Your Knowledge:

To ensure effective communication and provide relevant information, the design team will assess your knowledge of pools:

  1. Pool Types: We will inquire about your familiarity with different types of pools, such as Gunite/Shotcrete, Concrete, Fiberglass, and Concrete & Fiberglass Hybrid. This knowledge will help us explain the pros and cons of each option.
  2. Pool Experience: If you’ve had a pool before, the team will ask about the type of pool you had and what you liked or disliked about it. Understanding your past experience will help the team address any concerns or preferences you may have.
  3. Research Efforts: If you have conducted any research regarding pools, it may help us identify specific features or aspects that have caught your attention.

Understanding Your Wants:

Your preferences and desires for the pool will guide us in creating a personalized and enjoyable experience. Here are some questions we explore:

  1. Outdoor Living Space: Are you interested in creating an entire outdoor living space around the pool? This may include covered areas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces/firepits, and a bar, among other features.
  2. Existing Features: It’s important to learn about any existing outdoor features that you would like to incorporate into the pool design or if you prefer to start with a clean slate. This could involve the demolition of existing structures like a concrete patio pad.
  3. Diving Board: If a diving board is on your wishlist, the pool’s size will need to accommodate the depth profile required by safety codes.
  4. Pool Safety: The team will discuss your concerns regarding pool safety and can explain features like automatic safety covers that enhance safety.
  5. Desired Features: We will want to learn whether you would like to include features such as sun ledges, bench seating, bubblers, deck jets, water wall features, diving boards, slides, fire or water bowls, etc….

Maintenance and Care:

Do you have specific concerns about pool maintenance or pool care? The team can offer guidance on keeping your pool in pristine condition.

Designing and building a swimming pool requires thoughtful consideration of your home, knowledge of pool options, and identification of your specific wants and needs. Consulting with our design team ensures that your pool becomes a perfect addition to your backyard, providing countless hours of joy and relaxation for you and your loved ones. With our expertise and your input, you can create the backyard pool experience of your dreams. So, dive into the planning process and let the journey to your own family oasis begin!

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