Saltwater Swimming Pool

Saltwater Pools Vs Chlorinated Pools

When you’re talking with us, one of the items you will discuss is whether you will want to have a salt water pool, or one cleaned the “traditional” way with chlorine. It will be one of the many decisions you will be asked to make during the pool research and planning process.

Here are some of the reasons that some individuals opt for salt water pools vs chlorinated pools. The reasons are as varied as the individual preferences:

  • Cleaning with salt water means your pool contractor is cleaning the water with dissolved salt instead of chlorine tablets.
  • There is a ratio that needs to be maintained with salt-to-water and this involves adding salt regularly to keep the balance correct.
  • Chlorine pools are the most common style although salt water pools are gaining ground.
  • A salt water pool will typically require fewer hours of maintenance than a chlorinated style and will typically cost you less money overall.
  • Because salt is a natural product, it may be better on the skin and hair.
  • A salt water pool will not fade the color of your swimsuit.
  • A chlorine-cleaned swimming pool has less bacteria and impurities than a salt water pool because chlorine cleans more thoroughly and faster.
  • It’s easy to maintain a chlorine cleaned swimming pool because it involves simply dropping in chlorine tablets when necessary.

The advantages and disadvantages for one style pool over another are usually personal for the pool owner. Here, though are some other factors to consider when weighing your choices.

  • There is no clear-cut answer to whether it’s cheaper to operate a chlorine pool or a saltwater pool. Each involves the purchase of different ingredients. True, with a saltwater pool you will save on the cost of pool chemicals, but a salt pool can lead to wooden deck damage and the generator cell will need to be replaced at some time during the life of the pool.
  • The cleaning method itself – salt is more natural – is a personal decision because even though salt is natural, it’s believed that chlorine does a better job at keeping impurities from the water.

A salt water pool will require the purchase of specialized equipment and that may cost more, up front, than the purchase of chlorine. However, many people feel that their skin is softer when spending time in a saltwater pool than in a pool cleaned with chlorine.

As with most everything you have installed in your swimming pool, cost, ease of use and personal preference is the deciding factor for most. Ask questions so that you fully understand the pros and cons of each method so you will be able to make an informed decision.

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