Pool Cover Traps Heat

Save Money On Pool Heating Costs

There are many costs associated with swimming pool ownership and one of those costs stems from heating the pool water. Heating the water can extend your swim season, but can also consume quite a bit of energy and add to your home heating bills.

There are many ways to reduce the cost of heating the pool water and they include:

  • Using an energy-efficient pool heater
  • Using a pool cover to help trap the heated water
  • Choosing a pool temperature that is comfortable
  • Choosing a smaller heat pump
  • Making certain the heater is turned off when you’re not using the swimming pool

There are several types of pool heaters from which to choose and they are:

  • A gas heater. These are a popular and efficient choice. New heaters are more energy efficient than older models – as is the case with most pool equipment. A gas heater circulates pool water through a heat exchanger, flames heat the tray, warm and water and it is pushed back into the pool. Gas heaters heat the water quickly and are efficient with short periods of use.
  • Heat pumps don’t generate heat, they use electricity to move heat from one place to another. As the water passes into the heat pump a compressor creates hot gas and that passes through a condenser, heats the water and pushes it back into the pool. Heat pumps need to have an ambient temperature of at least 50 degrees to operate effectively. The cooler it is out of doors the more energy the heat pump will have to expend to heat the water.
  • A solar heat pump is one of the most energy efficient choices and make sense in areas that are blessed with a lot of sunshine. There is no operating cost other than the purchase price. A solar heater could even extend your swim season by a couple additional months a swim season. Solar systems have black tubes that absorb the sun; water is sent into the solar panels, absorb the heat and then is pumped back into the swimming pool.

If you’re looking for ways to be more energy efficient with your pool operating costs or if you have considered adding a pool heater, give us a call to discuss it.

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