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Six Steps To A Smooth Swimming Pool Install

Swimming pool construction projects are large undertakings both time and money-wise. Taking time to consider all options with your Ohio swimming pool contractor is a must before the dig begins. A swimming pool is an investment and a structure you and your family will enjoy for decades so making certain the project is on track from the beginning is crucial.

In addition to knowing what kind of pool you want, it is also helpful to understand the process that goes into a swimming pool project.

Here are seven steps that our swimming pool contractors advise you to consider:

How long does a project take and what milestones will you set for the project? A pool construction project may take longer than you believe it will so it’s best to have a timeframe in your mind. Milestones on various parts of the construction will help you know it’s on track.

What is included and excluded from the cost of the project? Some contractors work with subcontractors for various aspects of the project and you need to know whether the figure you’re seeing on the contract is the actual bottom line. Also, you need to know whether the equipment such as the pumps and filters are included.

Are there accessories added in as part of the cost of the project? Accessories could include landscape design, decorative tiles on the swimming pool deck, pool coping or even sun-shelves and ladders.

Rely on the pool contractor’s advice for the best design for your backyard. You may have an idea in mind of the type and style of pool you want constructed but it simply might not be feasible based on your setting. Be flexible and willing to consider all options.

Are there any self-cleaning or other automated options? Ask about self-cleaning and automated swimming pool options. Installing these items not only cuts down on maintenance but having them built in along with the construction project only makes sense.

What about additional plumbing and electrical? Ask for information on the electrical and plumbing items. The more you understand about what is going into the hidden inner workings of your swimming pool, the better equipped you will be in pointing out issues that may arise later.

What steps can you take to keep the project moving more smoothly along? Is there anything you can do to prepare your yard for the project? Anything you can do to make ingress and egress easier will only benefit you and the project in the long run.

You will need to rely on the expertise and talent of the swimming pool contractor you hire, but gaining an understanding of the project opens the lines of communications between the pool owner and the pool builder.

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