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There’s No Better Time To Begin Planning Your Pool Project

Though winter is here, there’s no better time to begin planning your pool project. Spring will be here before you know it, and you want to get a jump on getting yours in first. While winter may be cold and dreary, and you dream of sandy beaches if you have a backyard swimming pool you can be living the dream all summer long – even if you don’t have the sandy beach in your backyard.

A great place to start is on the internet. On those days where going outside seems utterly foolish, start a Pinterest board with ideas on your ‘perfect’ pool. The ideas available are limitless. From something as simple as the shape; to all the grand ideas that can be incorporated in to your own personal back-yard paradise.

There is no doubt about it, a pool is a major investment, in many ways. You’ll need to invest cash, of course, but also time, energy, and yard space. It can be overwhelming and even frustrating at times.

When you consider all your options before breaking ground, your pool project will go swimmingly. Keep in mind, your back yard will turn into a construction zone for several weeks, but, in the long run, will be an investment you won’t regret.

Before you begin the process of having your own swimming pool built, you will want to come up with a budget that you and your family can afford for the project. Make sure when you’re putting the budget together that you figure in additional money for ongoing upkeep and maintenance.

Things to Consider:

  • Take advantage of the sunshine for heating purposes by examining the landscape.
  • How will I pay for it? Always compare pricing!
  • What type? (there are three main types of inground pools)
  • What zoning restrictions do I face?
  • Who should I hire?
  • What about insurance?
  • Decide on a filtration system. Chlorinated or salt-water have unique characteristics to consider.
  • You want to be sure your pool isn’t in a low spot, allowing it to be a catch-all for spring rains.

After you’ve conquered the logical portions of a pool, consider additional items like your deck, or the surface around the pool. Perhaps you will want to add a gazebo, an outdoor kitchen, or fire features. That’s when the fun and the magic begin. When your project is complete, you will be ready to entertain your family and friends, or enjoy a quiet day to yourself. We are ready to begin your project, and have you swimming next summer.

When you consider the high price of gasoline and airline tickets, making an investment in a swimming pool is an investment not only in family fun but it can also add value to your home and give you a vacation spot that you don’t have to fight traffic to get to! Consider the amount of money you’d spend on a weeklong family vacation and you can see how having your own swimming pool is an investment that keeps on giving and helping you make fun family memories– for decades.

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