Pool Patio Upgrades

Upgrade Your Pool Patio This Off-Season

Why not upgrade your pool patio this off-season? This is the time to upgrade and update your swimming pool patio. Then, when summer swim season rolls around, you will have brand new poolside space to enjoy with family and friends.

When you think about it, you probably spend more time poolside than you do in the water, right? Because of this, having a swimming pool patio area that you absolutely love is a great way to make sure that the time spent out of the pool is as enjoyable as that spent in the water.

Don’t cut costs on your swimming pool construction by nixing a pool patio. Because you spend more time on the patio, spend time during the construction to make it unique and yours. If you are now in the midst of a pool upgrade, look to the patio and focus some of your efforts there.

Here are tips we have for upgrading and updating your patio area:

  • Add furniture if you don’t have any at this time.
  • Upgrade your existing furniture. New cushions that are either more comfortable or that have been reupholstered gives a brand-new look to your patio.
  • Add shade if the pool area isn’t already shaded. You can add shade by adding umbrellas, building a gazebo or pool house, adding awnings or with strategic planting of greenery.
  • Upgrade your amenities. Add a towel heater, LED lighting, an outdoor kitchen or stereo system.

Upgrade your safety equipment or your safety fence or even add a safety swimming pool cover. Talk to us about your ideas on pool safety and we can help you make it happen.

When you’re looking at what you might want to do to upgrade or update your swimming pool this season, look to the outdoor living space and give us a call.

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