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You Want A Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools come in a variety of styles, shapes and designs. Building material, color, and accessories are just a few of the decisions you make during the design process.

While you do need to know the type of materials from which your pool can be constructed, i.e., vinyl liner, Fiberglass or Gunite, you should first meet with the experts at Hawaiian Pool Builders to discuss the end result. This includes first determining why you want a pool. Hawaiian Pool Builders is the areas expert on all three types of pools.

This may sound rudimentary, but the way you intend to use your pool defines everything about the project. You’ll likely be getting a swimming pool to meet many needs but determining the primary purpose is essential. Because your swimming pool will enhance your lifestyle, talking with the contractor and design experts can help you to determine how the finished project will meet your needs and desires.

Our swimming pool professionals offer this breakdown on the types of swimming pools you may consider:

  1. Exercise swimming pools are typically longer and narrower than fun-leisure swimming pool styles. A lap swimming pool is usually at least 25 feet long and three and a half feet deep. There are also swimming pools that are designed for lap swimming only and these are narrow – perhaps one lane wide and are perfect for individuals whose yard space is limited. If you’re looking to water aerobics as your exercise, you will want a pool that is deeper than the lap pool length, usually five to six feet deep.
  2. Swim spas are great for individuals looking for a water workout. These swimming pools are usually about 12 feet long and are equipped to generate strong currents that you swim against to build strength and endurance. You can even swim against the current and remain virtually in the same spot. These swim spas are a viable option for those whose yard space is at a premium.
  3. Leisure and fun are the usual motives for having a swimming pool because having your own pool is a great way to exercise and spend quality time with friends and family. You can consider the standard rectangular shape but if you’re looking to design a unique oasis for yourself and your family, Hawaiian Pool Builders can show you many other options. Add some accessories like an in-pool bench, a waterfall or lighting to create a one-of-a-kind pool.
  4. Swimming pool parties heat up the night. If you want to add entertaining by the pool to your lifestyle then the designers can help you create the perfect place to do so. Creating an outdoor living space for fun and safety is a perfect project for the swimming pool designers.

Careful thought, planning and exceptional design will guarantee you get the swimming pool of your dreams.

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