Benefits of Swimming Exercise

3 Benefits Of Swimming Pool Exercise

If you decided to make New Year’s resolutions and if one of them was “getting in shape” the good news is that a swimming pool is the ideal location to keep you on the right track. Michigan Swimming pool contractor, Hawaiian Pool Builders, understands that for many people a swimming pool is a place to host parties and frolic with the children. We also understand that getting in shape in a swimming pool doesn’t even feel like work so it’s easy and fast to jump in, swim a few laps or do water aerobics or even play some water volleyball with the kids and get in shape at the same time.

Here are three benefits of swimming pool exercise:

  • Jogging, running and even walking can put a lot of strain on joints and muscle and can exacerbate issues and pain in the knees and back. For individuals that deal with these issues, the idea of getting in shape can be daunting. When you exercise in the water though, you’re buoyant and that alleviates any pain that could be suffered during a workout and can also prevent other injuries from arising. The natural resistance in the water also amps up the workout benefits without adding to any existing injuries or pain.
  • When you’re in the water, whether you’re swimming laps, doing water aerobics or even running from side to side it truly doesn’t feel like exercise. Even though you want to work out hard enough to get your heart rate up, you aren’t typically going to work up a sweat like you would if you were pounding the pavement. Because swimming is a truly fun way to work out, most people forget they are exercising and therefore may work out longer than they would if involved in another physical activity.
  • Spending time in the pool with your children, especially if they need to get “in shape” is an ideal way to encourage physical activity. Rather than spending time in front of the television the entire family can don bathing suits and jump into the pool after dinner and spend quality family time while getting in a “work out” that won’t even feel like exercise. Also, equating a swim workout with an enjoyable family activity is a great way to build a lifelong love of physical activity. If you’re prone to night time swims or need to relax or unwind after a day at work or stuck in traffic, swimming laps will not only get you in shape physically but will benefit you emotionally as well.

Keeping a resolution is much easier if it’s fun and if you get the entire family involved, it’s a great way to stay connected with your children. The swimming pool contractors from Hawaiian Pool Builders also share that you don’t need additional workout equipment when you’re swimming although there are items available if you want to take the intensity of your workout to the next level.

As with any kind of physical activity you may need to check with your doctor to make certain you are healthy enough to start one – chances are, a swimming pool workout will receive approval from your physician.

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