Swimming Pool Quartz Finish

Color Quartz Finish Enhances Pool Beauty And Durability

Swimming pool designs and the options available to pool owners are sometimes mind boggling! When planning a new gunite pool, choosing the right material for the interior finish is one of the important decisions to be made. The pool’s interior finish is the agent that waterproofs its more porous gunite shell. It is also the coating surface that swimmers will feel when they brush up against the walls of your pool. And most of all, it contributes to the overall appearance of your pool.

The interior of the pool is the surface that waterproofs the gunite shell, which is not 100% waterproof. The plaster is what you feel beneath your feet when you walk on the pool floor or when you lean against the pool wall and this is something that enhances the aesthetic of your pool.

One of the better alternatives to your interior finish is colored quartz aggregate. This attractive, popular option delivers a beautiful finish to your pool. Created by the 3M Company, the material is created by using ceramics to permanently bond colored pigments onto the surface of specially produced granules of natural quartz. During the process, manufacturers use special techniques to enhance the hardness, uniformity, bonding, color, and resistance to penetration by water.

Quartz is one of the world’s hardest minerals and when applied to the structure of your pool, you reap benefits unlike any other.

Vibrant Colors
The blended finish of quartz aggregate looks great in any new or existing pool. Quartz delivers a richer color with a multidimensional appearance versus a flat, solid finish. The bonus is that you can choose from a myriad of colors from tans, whites, grays, blues, reds, plums, and teals. Each color creates a unique look to match your style and theme. Note – Blues, greens, and teals look beautiful and reflect very well in sunlight. Deep grays and blacks better reflect the sky and create a more contemporary mirror-like effect.

Swimmer Friendly
Beyond its lovely appearance, a quartz pool finish is very swimmer-friendly because the material creates a slip-resistant surface without sharp or ragged edges.

Strong and Durable
A quartz pool finish is extremely durable because it is one of the hardest minerals available. And the mixture of color ceramics and natural quartz makes it harder than steel according to Moh’s Mineral Hardness Scale. Quartz is also better at fighting off chemical erosion and because it is non-porous, it is stain-resistant, remains durable and provides color consistency for decades.

Quartz finishes are a great value and one that a swimming pool owner should consider. Visit our showroom to see the options available to you!

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