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4 Fire and Water Features For Your Backyard Retreat

Daydreaming about the perfect backyard is fun, but there are many decisions to make to create a backyard retreat that works for you. That’s where we come in. Our pool designers have years of experience designing spaces that compliment both your home and your lifestyle creating a personal retreat right at home.  

Here are four fire and water-side features for your backyard retreat:

·      Poolside planters. Flower pots are a fun way to introduce copper, stainless steel hand hammered copper and patina colors into a design. Flower pots look beautiful inside, outside, in small entrance areas or on large pillars. 

·       An infinity bowl. An infinity bowl draws water down into the center bowl, surrounding the billowing ball flame. Gravity pulls the water from the center bowl down into the scupper as it flows out into the pool. This single unit it easy to install and only requires one gas line and one water feed. 

·       Scuppers. Adding a scupper to your pool adds a relaxation feature to your pool. A scupper is basically a continual waterfall. There are many different ways to incorporate a scupper into your pool, from an arc, in this beautiful design, the water flows up into an arc before descending down toward the water. This is a fun model that shows off design and creativity.  The Slant scupper is designed to tilt downward, allowing the water to flow effortlessly off the custom designed lip.  The defined angles refresh the eyes and the extended lip helps to protect tile and stone by drawing the water away from the wall and into the pool.

·     Fire Features. Enjoy an evening outside with a beautifully designed firepit.  You can have them personalized with your family name, or wedding date, date you put in the pool, or a multitude of other options. 

With many metal and color options to choose from, creating your retreat space is a step away. We’ll help you choose features that enhance your pool design for years of enjoyment.

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