Add A Firepit To Your Pool Area This Year

There are few things more inviting than the warmth, crackling glow of an outdoor fire. As a pool owner in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, you know that evenings can be cool in the spring and fall. Installing a fire pit can extend the time you can enjoy your backyard. Create a welcoming gathering place with a handful of chairs drawn around the fire and plenty of hot cider and nibbles, and your guests may be tempted to linger well after sundown.

While we all enjoy the sound of wood crackling, there is the added work of keeping an adequate supply of firewood. The alternative might be to install a smoke-free fire pit in your patio

Many contemporary built-in fire pits burn natural gas rather than logs as fuel, saving the air from polluting wood smoke. With plenty of styles to choose from, here are some ideas for including a gas fire pit in your own backyard.

Installing a cozy-corner fireplace may fit your space just right. A quarter-circle-shaped concrete fire pit is slotted into this corner nook and makes every spot along the benches a front-row seat for the warm glow. For built-in seating and fire pit arrangements, be particularly careful how you position the seating in relation to the fire feature — once it’s in place, there’s no flexibility to change it. Having the benches close enough to your fire pit allows your guests to put their feet up on the sides, and relax.

Here are a couple of unique designs to compliment your inground pool. A fiery orb is a concrete fire pit piled high with flame-proof concrete balls and it adds a whimsical focal point to the backyard whether or not the fire is lit. “Fire balls” come in a variety of materials, including concrete, terra cotta and even porcelain, and in different colors. Another is the Mod Look. The best part about this sleek 1960s-inspired fire pit: It’s movable. Shift the lightweight fire pit to different areas of the garden to create an inviting gathering place, or pack it up and transport it to your next cookout.

At Hawaiian Pools, your backyard pool enjoyment is our priority. Considering adding a fire pit may be exactly what you want to do this summer. We are here to help you design the fire pit that best matches your lifestyle and back yard design.


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