Building A Pool Part 1: Motivation And Style

There are many different reasons to own an in-ground swimming pool. We’d like to offer this four-part series on choosing a pool.

Here we will talk about the ‘why’ or motivation behind your decision, and help you identify your unique style.

Clark Griswold dreamed of a new swimming pool in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, complete (not so happily) with Cousin Eddie! You may also be dreaming of a new pool in the spring so Hawaiian Pool Builders offers up these tips to help make your pool purchase less stressful! Here are the top secrets to getting the pool you desire as you imagine the possibilities.

To get started, you should examine the reasons you want a pool. Understanding your motivation makes everything much easier. There are many common reasons you may want a pool:

  • It’s a great way for the family to spend time together.
  • The kids will spend more time at home during the summer.
  • After work and on the weekends, it will be great to relax by the pool.
  • Swimming is a great way to exercise while having fun.
  • We can have people over and entertain more with a backyard pool.
  • Having my own pool makes it easier to get a good tan.
  • I’ve always wanted a pool so it’s time to finally do it!
  • It will create a lot of fun for the grandkids.

Next, you should identify your unique style. Your style may be determined by the space in your yard, by your budget, or purely by your preferences and is a major step in creating the pool of your dreams. There are two basic categories; a more traditional, or formal style, or a free-form, natural looking pool. Each style has its own characteristics.

Formal / Traditional Swimming Pools

A formal or traditional pool is basically what it sounds like. You’ve seen these in many backyards. Traditional or more formal pools generally follow certain basic guidelines including:

  • Clean, straight lines
  • Geometric shapes
  • Brick, tile or stamped concrete decks
  • Brick or paving tiles as coping
  • Clean, modern water features such as bubblers, waterfalls, etc.
  • Ceramic tile at the water line

Free-Form or Natural Swimming Pools 

A natural or free-form pool is also much like what the name implies. With these pools you will generally find:

  • Natural shapes and curves that complement the landscape
  • Stone decks made of indigenous stones or stamped concrete in a free form pattern
  • Natural, or natural looking boulders and rocks
  • Waterfalls, slides and features that blend more naturally with the surroundings
  • Natural stone coping and natural rock near the water line
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