Swimming Pool Service Agreement

4 Reasons To Have A Swimming Pool Service Agreement

If you have invested in an in-ground swimming pool, or the home you purchased came with one, the best way to increase the longevity of that investment is to make sure that you have it properly serviced and maintained. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we have outlined four reasons to have a swimming pool service agreement.

Bi-Annual Check Ups:
It’s wise to have one of our professionals come out twice a year to make sure your pool equipment is operating efficiently. During these inspections they can spot any problems that could cause issues with your pool. They have the experience with all different types of equipment and are up to date on new technologies in the market. If they spot an issue, they can give you the necessary recommendations for resolving the problem quickly and professionally.

Saves Money on Repairs:
Take the guess work out of keeping your water properly balanced. By choosing our weekly chemical check, you can rest assured that your swimming pool chemicals are balanced correctly. This helps prolong the life of the swimming pool equipment. It’s easy for your pool to become a casualty of improperly balanced pool water because of over/under added chemicals to your pool.

Weekly Pool Cleaning:
You’ve worked hard all week. Perhaps you have a party coming up, or you simply want to dive into your swimming pool and relax. With our weekly pool cleaning schedule, you don’t have to take the time to clean your pool. We will keep it sparkling clean and ready for your enjoyment.

Storing Chemicals:
With a contract to have your pool treated weekly, you no longer have to store your own chemicals. Chemicals must be stored in a safe location where the weather does not cause undue spoilage. Swimming pool chemicals (especially chlorine) tend to rust whatever they are around whether that be pool equipment, yard equipment stored nearby, or a car if stored in a garage.

We offer different service agreement packages. From opening/closing your pool, weekly maintenance and service calls. Give us a call to speak to one of our professionals about the details of each.

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