Rain Affects Your Pool

4 Ways Spring Rains Affect Your Pool

No doubt, this has been an odd winter for most of the country. And thankfully, it won’t be too long before Mother Nature ushers out Old Man Winter. Once Spring arrives, we can expect rain. Spring rains can affect your pool, and your pool’s water. Here’s four ways spring rains affect your pool.

Rain is acidic: Because rain is acidic, it lowers the pH of your swimming pool water.  Acidic water can damage your pool’s heat pump and filtration system. Additionally, acidic water irritates the eyes and skin.  Rain also brings contaminants from the atmosphere and leaves and twigs from nearby trees.  This additional debris can incrementally affect your pool water’s pH, clog the filter and cause more problems if not addressed.

Too much water: If your pool was closed properly at the end of last season, your water levels should be low enough that rain water won’t cause your pool to overflow. If it does, the simplest way to lower the water level is to use a submersible pump and pump the water level down.

Pool Contaminants: If we experience heavy downfalls, the lawn may flood allowing dirt and debris to float into the pool. You may even find dirt entering the pool from planters around the pool or leaves may have landed in the bottom of the pool during the fall. Additionally, rain water can collect contaminants as it hits trees and buildings around your pool resulting in pollutants in the water. Vacuuming the pool and adding appropriate chemicals can help clear up the water and make it safe for the start of the season.

Storms: During storms, loose lawn furniture and equipment can be blown around the yard, perhaps even into the pool itself. Be sure that you to keep things out of the yard that can cause damage during heavy storms. If items land in the pool, remove them and check the pool chemistry for a couple of days to be sure the water is safe. It is also advisable not to use the pool cover during heavy storms to keep it from being damaged.

When it’s time to open your pool, call Hawaiian Pool Builders if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment to be sure that your pool is safe and ready to go!


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