4th of July Pool Party

4th Of July Pool Party

With summer heating up, now is the right time to plan your 4th of July Pool Party. It’s one of those holidays where most folks get together with friends and family to enjoy some BBQ and fun under the sun. Perhaps it’s your turn to host a party and if you’re a pool owner, we have some excellent ideas for your party. We’ve also created a Pinterest Page just for the 4th, so you can jump over there and take a peak.

Party Games
Even with all the laughter and memories being made, games are always a mainstay at any pool party. For young and old alike, everyone loves games.

For the younger set, keep with the theme of red, white and blue and provide sidewalk chalk in those colors. Kids of all ages enjoy a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk or driveway.

Buy a few 4th of July themed beach balls. Everyone will enjoy bouncing those around. In the pool or backyard, they are sure to be a hit.

When it’s time for the sparklers, you can use a solo style cup to make sparkler shields for all your guests, especially the children. Buy those in red, white and blue to keep the festive theme going.

Using your muffin tins, buy some creative ‘beads’ for everyone to make their own necklace or headband. Place the individual items in muffin tins, and then everyone can pick and make a design of their choosing. You can buy dice, flags, flowers, buttons and many other items to fit the party. Using pipe cleaners, your smaller guests can make party rings.

A good game of Tug-of-War can be played on land or in the pool.
Flag Relay can be played in any backyard. Divide your guests into two or three teams. Each team has a bucket with miniature flags, one for each teammate. Place the bucket on the opposite side of the yard. On the count of 3, the first player in each team runs across the yard, grabs a miniature flag and runs back to tag a teammate. The game continues until each team member has a flag. First team to finish wins!

For an inexpensive way to create a fun, festive garland for your patio area, buy a few tablecloths in red, white and blue. Cut them into strips as wide as you’d like, and tie them onto a string of brightly colored lights.

Buy several bandanas in appropriate colors folding them in half and tying them onto a rope or string. You can use that as an easy decoration anywhere. To add a bit of fun, as guests begin to leave, they could take one along to remember all the fun they had.

Make a canopy out of red, white and blue streamers, and add some lanterns underneath it. Battery operated of course, we don’t want the fireworks to start early.

Party favors
You can make colorful ‘rockets’ filled with candy and treats that will stay cool in the heat. Buy baggies that are decorated with 4th of July themes, and fill those with candy, also.

Other party favors could be coasters with your name and year on them, or starfish that have been spray painted to match your theme. Make seating place cards with pizzazz. Using the pipe cleaners, you bought for the ‘rings’ you can create fun centerpieces for your tables, and tie red, white and blue ribbons on the chairs.

Food choices
There’s so many options when it comes to food, keeping in the spirit of your gathering. To keep your guests hydrated, make some red, white and blue popsicles by freezing each layer individually. You can use ‘kool-aid’ style drinks, or sports drinks.

For the adults, a sangria made from white wine with strawberries and blueberries add a nice touch to the festivities.

A cool soda or ice cream bar is a fun treat for everyone. Buy red and blue soda and/or sprinkles and your guests can create their own. Cherries, red and blue M&M’s, licorice, or any other variety of treats can be added to their ice cream.

With dessert, you can get creative by making a layered cake. You could also add colored candy to the cake, and then decorate the outside accordingly.
For fruit bowls, carve out a watermelon, add blueberries, white cherries and the chunked-up pieces of the watermelon for a refreshing choice if sugary sweets aren’t on your list.

At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want your 4th of July party to be fun, but also safe. We know we’ve talked about pool safety a lot, but we believe it bears repeating.

Make sure your pool fence and gate are in good shape. With a chain link fence, make sure that there are no breaks or places that look like they are separating. If they are, get them repaired immediately. Ensure that your gate is secured properly to the fence, is self-closing with the latch being out of reach of children.

Establish and keep your pool safety rules where all of your guests can see them. Don’t assume that people understand pool safety. Even the simple, ‘no running’ and/or ‘no diving’ warnings should be clearly marked and understood by your guests.

One of the reasons you have a pool is so you can relax though don’t assume that young children know how to swim. When there are children poolside, you need to be focused on their activities. It’s also a good idea that they take a rest every hour, for about fifteen minutes. This gives them time to go to the bathroom, get a drink, or simply sit. It also allows you a few minutes to catch a breath. Having children around and in your pool is delightful, but can also be a bit stressful. Be careful of the amount of time they are in and around your pool, and make sure you get that relaxation time for yourself.

Pool covers are another effective safety measure. When you are leaving your house, take an extra few minutes and roll the cover back over the pool. Use one that cannot easily be pulled off by children, and make sure it has full coverage.

After the festivities are over, clean up the pool area. It’s important to remove all the floating toys and other games from the pool. Make sure that the chairs are straightened, and all of the walkways are clear. It only takes a few minutes, but safety is the most important thing.

This is certainly the short list when it comes to getting ready for the fourth of July. With a bit of creativity, your party is sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.  We wish you a fun and safe 4th of July!


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