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4 Benefits Of An Automatic Pool Cleaner

A pool can be a great asset in the warmer months, providing a venue for family fun and activities such as barbecuing or just a place to rest and relax. However, to keep the pool attractive, it should be completely clean and neat. Debris will constantly find its way into your pool, especially if you have trees in your yard.

Leaves, grass and other debris can make your pool look neglected and unattractive, but can also clog filters or pumps potentially causing equipment failure. An automatic pool cleaner is a simple system that cleans most pools effectively. They are also easy to install, maintain and clean out.

They save energy. Since an automatic pool cleaner is self-programmable with microprocessors, it allows them to navigate around the water by themselves. That way, your pool stays clean without the need to expend your time and effort dragging cleaning tools through the water, and around your back yard.

Automatic pool cleaners can scrub the surfaces of your pool to create a cleaner more hygienic finish. They come in a variety of sizes and models to suit the requirements of your pool. They can be installed on an existing pool, or added to your new pool design.

Automatic pool cleaners are also very effective.   They can effectively clean the various crevices in the steps, walls or floor of your pool. This can prevent a build-up of debris which could cause damage to the integrity of your pool. Most are effective at cleaning debris, regardless of the volume or size of particles.

Efficient at sanitizing your pool. When manual cleaning can take about three hours, an automatic cleaner has the potential to clean the same size pool in roughly 45 minutes. This not only ensures a thorough cleaning, it’s done quickly giving you more time in your pool.

Some models even feature remote control operation which allows you to ensure that your pool is super clean without leaving the comfort of your sun lounger. This gives you to relax and top up your tan while the pool cleaner works, ensuring it is attractive and clean, when you want to take a swim to cool off.

At Hawaiian Pools Builders, we are here to help you with the purchase of your automatic pool cleaner. Considering the size of your pool, your budget and the exact functionality you require, we will make sure you have the right fit for your inground pool.

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