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7 Considerations When Choosing A Fiberglass Pool

Are you contemplating a swimming pool this year? One of the decisions is the type of pool that suits you. The popularity of fiberglass pools has increased dramatically over the past ten years. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we want you to know why a fiberglass pool is a good option.

Here’s seven considerations when choosing a fiberglass pool:

Ease of Installation: A Fiberglass pool is by far the easiest to install. The installation time will last around two weeks as the fiberglass is shaped and completely formed in advance to your design specifications. It is then delivered directly to your backyard and placed in the ground, just like a bathtub being installed in your bathroom.

Easy to Maintain: Fiberglass pools are very low in maintenance when it comes to chemicals and cleaning products which means that very few repairs are required in the future too. The pH levels are stable in a fiberglass swimming pool. Because of the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool, algae bloom is rarely an issue because, frankly, algae cannot find a foothold on the surface of fiberglass. This, in effect, makes your in-ground fiberglass pool incredibly cost effective.

Surprising Strength: The high tensile strength of the fiberglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement. This is extremely important.

Chemical use: Fiberglass swimming pools typically require fewer chemicals than other forms of swimming pools. The building material of the pool itself doesn’t release any chemicals into the water and thus doesn’t affect the chemical balance.

Location: The fiberglass shell for your pool will be delivered to your home in one piece and because of that you need to make certain the delivery truck has access to the excavated site.

Safety: Fiberglass swimming pool shells are smooth and therefore, easy on the skin.

Last, but not Least: With a fiberglass pool your hands and knees will surely thank you. We have all experienced the pain that comes from pools when we have scraped our skin against the concrete. This problem is eliminated with a fiberglass pool as you are left with a smooth-to-the-touch finish, meaning the chances of scrapes and scratches are low.

A fiberglass pool is a smart choice, however, it’s important for you to keep in mind that it cannot be drained except by the professionals. Not draining your pool correctly could cause the shell to crack or buckle because of the pressure from the earth beneath, and you certainly didn’t invest in your in-ground swimming pool for that to happen!

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