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Hesitant to Buy A Pool?

There are people who want a swimming pool but there are barriers that prevent them from doing so. Several studies were conducted by a research firm, P.K. Data and an APSP research study on the swimming pool industry. There were some interesting findings.

According to the study, prospective swimming pool buyers reacted in this way:

  • 58% of the respondents chose not to buy a pool because of the perceived maintenance and care.
  • 9% elected not to invest in a pool because of the short season in their area.

Do either of these reasons sound like your objection to building a backyard swimming pool? Let’s address the maintenance issue first.

You may worry about keeping the pool clean. There is a concern about keeping the water chemistry correct. Our team of professionals can help you by scheduling weekly maintenance visits or train you to properly care for your pool. It’s an important task but one that isn’t as hard as you might think. You can also buy an automatic pool cleaner that cleans the bottom of the pool while you relax.

The short season is an issue in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. However, having a pool keeps the kids home more in the summer, provides ample opportunity to entertain guests, is a great way to exercise and more.

When making the decision, keep in mind that you have many options from which to choose when it comes to the design.

  • The traditional kidney-shaped pool is still constructed because it is tried and true, traditional and elegant.
  • A rectangle. This style blends into the backyard seamlessly and was a chosen style for decades.
  • Free form pools allow you and your pool contractor to work with, rather than against, the existing landscaping and shape of your yard. This is ideal if you don’t want to truck in dirt to build up areas or remove trees.
  • If you have a “yard with a view” a vanishing edge pool is an ideal option. With a vanishing (aka infinity edge) pool it appears as though the water is cascading off the edge of the pool and this allows for an uninterrupted view of the yard beyond.
  • Natural pools are sometimes chosen by individuals who want to turn a corner of the yard into an area where the pool will blend into the existing landscape. Natural swimming pools rely on plant life and a filtration system to keep the water clean. Minimal amounts of chemicals are used.

If you’re thinking about a pool and have questions, our design team can provide the answers you’re looking for. They can also provide you with a 3D rendering of what a pool would look like in your back yard through the use of Pool Studio.

With Pool Studio you will be able to see every detail in real time 3D to clearly and accurately experience the layout of your new backyard. Design choices that are hard to imagine such as the surface and color and the pool interior come to life in full color 3D making it easy to choose. This gives you the confidence that even the smallest detail is perfect before any construction ever begins.

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