Outdoor Kitchen

Add An Outdoor Kitchen

If you own a swimming pool there’s a good chance that you don’t want to have to tear yourself away from the fun to go into the house and cook meals, right? When you work with the swimming pool contractor and designers at Hawaiian Pool Builders you can discuss an outdoor kitchen space so you never have to leave the pool and its fun!

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen space instead of inside an overheated kitchen is an idea that many swimming pool owners are embracing as they find that their indoor living migrates to the outdoors during the summer and they want to extend the time spent out there.

If you have an outdoor kitchen constructed, here are some ideas on how to utilize the space:

  • If you have a grill you can make pizza if you invest in a pizza stone. Imagine pizza without the oven!
  • Invest in a set of mesh or perforated stainless steel pans; having a set of cooking supplies for the outdoor kitchen alleviates the need to rush back and forth from the house to prepare your meals. Stainless steel pans allow you to fry, roast and grill and most of these pans are dishwasher safe.
  • Look for all in one grill roaster racks that will let you stack items you’re cooking such as potatoes or various fruits and veggies.
  • A salt plate is a cooking platform that is placed directly on the grill and makes an ideal place to grill meat or seafood. It not only cooks evenly but imparts a unique flavor from the salt that is embedded in the plate itself.
  • If hot dogs are more your style, look for a hot dog roller. This device lets you roast hot dogs or sausages evenly while leaving the prized grill marks.
  • Look for flavor-imbued wood chips to enhance your grilled foods with subtle flavors.

Consider installing weather-proof outdoor cabinetry as an easy way to equip the outdoor kitchen with your cooking utensils as well as serving and plating items. A backyard swimming pool combined with a spa, outdoor kitchen and other relaxing features will make your summer that much more enjoyable.

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