Sun Ledges

All About Sun Ledges

Warm summer days always call for a few hours of relaxation by the pool. What better way to kick it back than to relax in your backyard pool with sun ledges? Sun ledges are increasing in popularity as a pool feature among pool owners.

What are sun ledges anyway?

A sun ledge, also known as a tanning ledge or Baja ledge, is a shallow, flat area near the pool’s entrance. Ledges are usually 6 to 18 inches deep, allowing you to experience the pool water without having to be “in” it. A sun ledge’s width can span either the pool’s partial or complete width. Their versatility makes them the most popular pool accessory—you can use them to sit back and relax or play under the sun. Some pool owners also add in-pool furniture to their sun ledges, such as lounge chairs and small tables. Can it get any better than this? Yes!

Why should you consider buying sun ledges?

Sun ledges are the perfect spots for adults, children, and even pets to relax and unwind in pleasant sunny weather. However, sun ledges are much more than that. Pool owners also love sun ledges because they make the pool more visually pleasing. Adding a sun ledge will undoubtedly make you feel as if you are relaxing in the pool of a high-end resort as it adds an “opulent” appearance to your outdoor pool.

In addition to their aesthetic value, their functionality makes them the most desired pool feature among pool owners. Sun ledges encourage people to enjoy the pool water without completely immersing themselves in it. This means that if you want to cool off in the pool but do not want to get completely wet, you can be on your sun ledge. In other words, if you have a sun ledge, you can have the best of both worlds. Again, you can use your sun ledge for anything: partying, socializing, playing, chilling, tanning, and more.

What’s the takeaway? If you want to make the most of your pool and warm beautiful summers, you should seriously consider a sun ledge when planning your pool.


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