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Pool Finishes: Make Your Pool Stand Out

Are you planning on building a pool that will not only allow for a great swimming experience but will also be a sight to behold for your guests? One of the latest trends involves the finish on your pool. While the concrete impacts the structural integrity of your pool, the finishes you choose dictate its overall aesthetics. They are also responsible for giving your pool’s water the magical shimmery appearance when the sun shines on it. Furthermore, pool finishes affect how smooth your pool would be. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most popular pool finishes out there.

Ohio’s unceasing love for aggregates

Aggregate pool finishes continue to be a popular option among Ohio homeowners because they add depth and elegance to the pool. Most notably, the aggregates’ textured nature makes them non-slip, making them safer for households with children. 

The most common type of aggregates include:

  • Pebble aggregate – Pebble aggregate finish is a blend of concrete with pebbles. This type of finish is ideal if you want your pool to mimic a natural water body, such as a lake or a pond.  It will also give your pool a rustic feel, allowing it to blend in with the natural surroundings. If you have a lagoon or tropical-style pool, pebble aggregate in darker hues is the best bet.
  • Glass bead aggregate – This finish is known to be a gem-inspired pool finish. If you want your pool to look modern and luxurious, then this pool finish is just right for you. The iridescent glass beads capture the light, so the pool seems to sparkle in the sunlight. Due to its texture, it even gives the pool’s surface a three-dimensional effect. In this pool finish, you get the best of both worlds: the silky-smooth pool base and the glitter of the glass beads that you have always desired. Though the glass beads aggregates are suitable for all pool types, they do wonders when added to contemporary pool designs.

Other types of pool finishes

Apart from aggregates, you have two more options: Tile and Plaster.

  • Tile – If you think that tiles are only used for the pool’s steps, floor, or waterline, you are mistaken. These days, they are also used to finish the pool’s interior. In fact, they are the most durable pool finishes and come in various designs. Their glossy appearance will add to the beauty of your pool and the reflective property of its water. From ceramic and porcelain to glass and stones, there is a wide range of tiles available in the market.
  • Plaster – Plaster is a classic pool finish that will give your pool a smooth feel. Though the most inexpensive pool finish, it may not be the most durable one – plaster pool finishes typically last for only about 5-7 years. While a darker hue of plaster will make your pool look more ‘naturalistic,’ the medium grey color will give the water an enchanting blue tint.

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