Fall Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Do you feel the chill in the air once the sun goes down? If you live in Ohio or Michigan you may be enjoying the last few really warm days, but you know that autumn is just around the corner and that means you will want to start doing some swimming pool maintenance to get ready to close it for the season.

What can you do to get the pool ready for fall and those days when it might still be warm enough to jump in and swim? Here are a few Autumn swimming pool maintenance tips:

  • Begin packing up your inflatables. Wash them off and let them dry thoroughly before you deflate them and store them for the winter.
  • Skim the pool for any floating debris – this is the time of year when leaves are falling from the trees and you have to be more diligent about keeping the pool clean between service visits.
  • If leaves and debris fall to the bottom of the pool, you should run the vacuum. want to Brush the pool walls and floor to assure you don’t have any mold spores starting to take hold because of the debris that was in the pool.

When we come for a regular service visit, we can also perform some autumn maintenance that will help get your pool ready for winter, but that will still allow you to spend time in the water if the weather allows. What we will do could include:

  • Ensuring that your swimming pool cover is free of any damage so it can provide the coverage necessary for the upcoming winter months.
  • We will clean and check your filter and skimmer baskets.
  • The water level of the pool will be lowered before the pool is closed and we may begin doing that in increments, if you agree.
  • We will talk with you to get you on the schedule for a winterization appointment.
  • During the winterization appointment the pool is thoroughly cleaned – including vacuuming, brushing the pool walls and floor and cleaning the pool tiles. The filter will be thoroughly cleaned. We will also remove and/or cover any equipment for the winter months, the water levels will be lowered further and eventually the cover will be added to the pool and securely fastened for the upcoming winter months.

You may not be ready to close your pool right now, but you do know the time is coming and there is no time like the present to contact us to schedule your winterization appointment.


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