Fire Pit Safety

Fire Pit Safety Measures

The fun around the swimming pool doesn’t have to stop just because the sun has gone down nor when it starts to get chilly at night. Having a fire pit in your living space helps extend the evening fun.

These luxurious structures can provide warmth, enhance the ambiance and beauty of your outdoor living area and can also offer a place to cook up “campfire foods” for friends and family. Just as you have safety measures and rules of the pool in place for your swimming pool so too should you have some fire pit safety measures in place that your children understand such as don’t run or ride bikes by the fire pit, don’t stand too close or start a fire without adult supervision.

Here are some other items that your swimming pool contractor wants you to consider:

  1. What kind of fuel you will use? You can use propane, natural gas, gels or hard woods like oak or cedar. Your pool contractor can help you determine the best fuel for your particular needs and will also explain the nuances of each type.
  2. The fire pit will need to be constructed on a fireproof, stable piece of land or natural stone base. Having a fire pit simply placed in a bare space in your yard may not be the best idea because it could shift with the weather or even move if you get too much rain or snow. Whatever foundation you use should be fireproof and there are many options you can choose from that will add to the aesthetics of your outdoor living space and swimming pool.
  3. The fire pit shouldn’t be placed near anything flammable – like your home or even low hanging trees. Your outdoor furniture should also be kept away from the fire pit so there is no chance of a spark jumping out onto someone or to the furniture itself.
  4. Before you plan a night out around the pool and the fire pit, make sure you know the weather conditions. If it’s too windy you may have a hard time lighting the fire and once lit you may have a hard time controlling it. It may make sense to postpone an evening around the fire until the weather is more cooperative.
  5. Always use a cover or door on your fire pit. A mesh cover will allow you to see and hear the dancing flames but will act as a safety measure to keeping any sparks from leaving the fire pit.
  6. The fire should always be completely extinguished before you leave the outdoor living area.
  7. If you’re going to cook around the fire pit make sure you have oven mitts and that the utensils you’re using are fire resistant and are made for outdoor cooking.

If you’re looking for a way to ramp up the fun around your swimming pool, the addition of a fire pit or fire structure might be just what the decorator ordered!


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