Swimming Pool Pump

Choosing A Swimming Pool Pump

The swimming pool pump is the heart of your entire pool operation. Hawaiian Pool Builders, your Toledo swimming pool contractor, explains that the pump is what circulates the water throughout the pool and through the filters so it can be cleaned and pushed back into the pool itself. Without a quality pump – and Hawaiian uses Pentair products – the water would become stagnant, likely turn green and none of the impurities would be moved through the filter.

What do you need to know to get the best pool pump for your unique pool needs? Our professional pool installers say one thing to remember is that “bigger isn’t always better” as it relates to swimming pool pumps. Choosing the right size pump for the job means you can operate your pool at higher efficiency and that can save money on your utility bills. This is especially true when you realize that some pool owners note they have saved as much as 50% by installing a variable speed, energy efficient pool pump; the purchase showed an amazing return on investment for the pool owners.

The Correct Pump For The Job
It makes sense that the bigger the pump, the higher your maintenance and pumping costs. Choosing the smallest pump possible for your pool – that will effectively do the job – is the best idea when making that purchase. Your pool contractor will help you understand the correct pump for the size, shape and number of gallons of water your pool holds.

Our team will also help you understand how long and how often the pump should run. In years past, individuals ran their pool pumps for 24-hours-a day sometimes seven days a week. This is no longer necessary. The purpose of running the pump is to circulate the water and keep the chemicals mixed and the debris moved from the water into the filter. Running the pump continuously doesn’t mean there will be no chance of algae growth; chemical balancing, cleaning the pool walls and floor and vacuuming the pool help with that.

In many cases you can run the pump and filtration system for six hours per day and that will be sufficient, however, as with anything it’s best to talk with your pool contractor to make certain this fits your individual needs. Install a timer that will turn your pump on and off at specified intervals as a way to help save money.

Ask your pool contractor what other steps you can take to save money on pool operations and if this is the year you are undertaking a pool remodel or renovation, check into replacing and upgrading your pool pump to a more efficient model.

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