Zero Entry Pool

A Zero Entry Pool: Is It Right For You?

A zero entry swimming pool, also known as a beach entry, is a design that brings to mind going to an actual beach – minus the sand. They are a beautiful addition to any homeowner’s landscaping and backyard. There are myriad benefits to owning a zero entry swimming pool, but you also have to understand that these pools will require more yard space than a traditional pool.

A zero entry swimming pool, also called a beach entry, is aesthetically pleasing. This pool design provides a gradual slope into the pool rather than having to walk down steps or stairs to get into the water. Ways in which your pool contractor can design your zero entry may include using a waterfall or other natural stone element, sand or simply concrete to complete the effect.

While zero entry swimming pools are beautiful, they are also practical. This pool design offers a place in the pool where children can play and makes it easier for children to get into the pool. A zero entry pool is also ideal for seniors or anyone with limited or mobility issues. You can also use the shallow area of the beach entry as a place to place a lounge chair and relax.

If you’re not certain a beach entry pool style is for you, here are some of the benefits that your pool contractor feels they bring:

  • Not having to negotiate stairs to get into the pool may make it more accessible for individuals with limited mobility.
  • With a shallow end that the beach entry provides, your children will have an area in which they can splash and play.
  • You can sunbathe the area and be partially submerged while doing so.
  • If you have young children, or cautious swimmers in the house, a beach entry will make it much easier for those individuals to enjoy the pool without having to worry about being in water that is literally over their heads.
  • With a beach entry pool design your backyard takes on a more natural look and feel and offers different options for landscape design.

There are considerations that must be planned for with your beach entry swimming pool construction project and they include:

  • This style of pool takes up
  • more space than does a “regular” entry pool because of the length you need to make the transition from shallow to deep.
  • If you’re planning to entertain with the children in the shallow end or sunbathe then a beach entry may be ideal. If, however, you want a swimming pool so that you can swim laps, you need to know you may be giving up valuable pool length.
  • The pool deck will need to be part of your overall landscaping and pool project for this style pool because a beach entry requires different planning than does a typical pool design.
  • Having a zero entry pool means that your pool has a more natural entry which could mean that wildlife or the neighbor’s dog or cat may pay a visit to your pool. A fence is a great addition to help secure your backyard.

If you think a zero-entry pool is something you want to consider, we can create a design that fits your backyard and home.


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