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Considering A Swimming Pool House?

The focus of Hawaiian Pool Builders is to bring a custom-built in-ground swimming pool to your residence in Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan. We also know that many times you want more out of your backyard space. Adding a swimming pool house to your yard may be exactly the right fit.

When the rich and famous of Hollywood began having private pools built in their backyards in the 1930’s, the pool area typically included a small structure a few feet away from the water. Most of these pool houses were built to mimic their main residence.

The primary purpose of the swimming pool house was – and still is – to provide a private place near the pool in which to change, shower, nap, use the bathroom, have a drink, or if large enough, to entertain out of the sun. All without going into the main residence.

Above anything else, a pool house can make pool ownership and swimming a more enjoyable experience by having everything you need relatively close to the pool.

This could range anywhere from a well-appointed shed to a sizable guest house with all the amenities of your home such as a kitchen, bath, sitting area, and maybe even a bedroom or loft for sleeping. Many pool houses feature an open patio area in front, perhaps with a solid roof or a shade cover. It can become an outdoor entertaining area much like a patio or deck behind your house, except that this one is way more convenient. Adding an outdoor kitchen or a lounge surrounding a fireplace makes the “pool patio” that much more of a destination.

Your pool house can also be an attractive way of storing your pool and spa equipment. That’s much better than it becoming a jumbled pile in the back yard. It can be enough to simply store your pool toys and maintenance supplies, or large enough to house your pump, filters and other essential pool equipment.

If you don’t want to build a full, four-wall structure, there are plenty of ways to have a pool house constructed with three walls. That would still give you the space you desire to entertain, cook, or even have a bathroom included.

Depending on your space, you could create a nice little staycation spot for you and your family. If you have guests from out of town, offering them their own private retreat can help everybody enjoy the visit more.

Before you begin your construction project, make sure you’ve checked out the zoning ordinances and codes. Every city and municipality have their own. Some don’t require a permit if under a certain square footage. Though, if you have electricity and plumbing, it may still require permits. It’s always smarter to know the facts and approach building your pool house the right way first.

As a part of your overall pool design, our team can incorporate a pool house into the initial drawings. We use Pool Studio which provides you with a 3D look of your pool and pool house so you can visualize your backyard setting before we start your project and work with other contractors to build our designed pool house.

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