Pool House

Add A Pool House For Poolside Fun

You’re looking at your swimming pool and outdoor living space and wondering, “what can we do this year to make this area even more enjoyable?” Having a pool house constructed might be just what your outdoor living space needs.

Whether you want to invest in a pool house for showering and changing into and out of swimsuits or if you want it as additional living space, a pool house can fulfill both of those roles and perhaps more. A pool house can extend the living space of your home and enhance the versatility of your outdoor living space. At one time, pool houses were primarily paired with luxury homes and luxury swimming pools, but they are becoming more affordable and are added to more backyard swimming pool projects than ever before.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you could potentially construct your own pool house. Most pool owners, however, opt to work with their swimming pool builder to incorporate it into the initial design. Put together a budget for your pool house so you will know not only the size of the structure you can afford, but what amenities you will have in the pool house. Decide on the type of amenities you want in the pool house – shower, kitchen, washer and dryer, etc. – before you sit down and talk with the pool contractor.

What are the benefits of a pool house? Here are a few:

  1. Expand the living area of your home.
  2. Use it as a guest house for visitors and a place to change for swimming.
  3. Your pool house can be recreational and storage space or living space. Note: you may need to obtain permits from local code and zone officials prior to construction.
  4. Complement your home’s architectural style or contrast it completely as a way to set the pool and backyard living area as a separate entity.
  5. A pool house can make using the pool even easier. Guests won’t have to dash in and out of your house to use the bathroom or change before or after swimming if you have a pool house.

To add pizazz to your outdoor living space, this may be the year you consider a pool house!


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