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Design an Amazing Swimming Pool

There are very few who would disagree that one of our favorite childhood memories was “hitting the pool.” For most of us, that meant going to a community swimming pool unless you were lucky enough to have your own. There is something about gathering friends and family in the water that is refreshing, relaxing and memory making. The ambiance of being in the water is alluring.

If you have been thinking about adding a pool to your backyard … or if you already have one, there are fun options available today that can turn your “swimmin’ hole” into a resort-like feel. Now who doesn’t love that?

Let’s look at some options to kick it up a notch:

  • If you are starting out, it is good advice to meet with a designer to address the questions of pool size, shape, texture and tile selection. These things will set the tone for your backyard pool and creativity is important here. Consider turning your square or rectangular pool on the corner to create a diamond effect. Doing so creates wonderful triangle deck spaces … one for dining and barbequing and another for a comfortable lounge and seating area. Add a fire pit for additional flair. Instead of traditional plaster, try a pebble-based surface for the pool. It adds flair and you can select colors that match your personal style. A consultant is very helpful at this point.
  • Tile selection is another important factor that can totally change the atmosphere. If your pool is older, it is relatively inexpensive to change the tile. There are many options to select from and is an important decision. Honestly, almost every time you see someone’s pool, you look at the tile whether you are in the water or not. It is just that noticeable.
  • Now here comes the FUN stuff. There are many features you can add like bubblers, lights that change color under water, colored water arches, solar fountains … the list goes on! There is something fun about splashing water and either going under it OR avoiding it when you are relaxing on that sun tanning float. Water slides are irresistible to children just like Jacuzzis are to adults. By elevating your spa 9-12 inches, you can have a waterfall effect. The sound of water pouring into itself is soothing and adds to the atmosphere. These options enhance your experience.
  • No pool is complete without a beach ball … but don’t stop there. If you haven’t looked in a pool store recently, you will be amazed at the options for floating and the games that exist. Volleyball nets, floating basketball hoops and floating tables for beverages and snacks all add to the fun. And there is even golf. Picture it … a floating green that awaits golfers to chip their ball from the pool deck. Pick up a floating cooler as well, just in case that golf game doesn’t go as planned.
  • Plan your opening day pool party! The best part of the pool is the FUN we have there. Most local dollar store chains will have a variety of cheap things you buy to create a theme. Float beach balls and toys in the water. Get a tube ring and set it on the deck filled with rolled towels. And then just have fun.
  • A few other fun and simple ideas. Grill those burgers and dogs but supplement your table with playful things. Sticks of gum are great fun when labeled as Surfboards. Round candies with the hole make great “inner tubes”. Licorice or powder filled pixie sticks can be playfully labeled as pool noodles.

Creating an inspiring five-star pool for your home is not that difficult but getting help is important. Like buying your home, a pool is an investment that is quite permanent. Therefore, it’s important to do it right the first time.  With the  help of our professional pool designers, you can rest assured it will meet or beat all of your expectations.

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