Design An Outdoor Kitchen

Designing An Outside Kitchen

You want your outdoor kitchen to be as functional as your indoor kitchen, a place where you can welcome guests, and enjoy your event. Several things to consider before you begin your project would be the types of entertaining you will be doing. Will there be children actively enjoying the day? What about elderly family members or friends? With children and elderly, you want to avoid floors that are slippery.

You want flooring that is durable, and easy to keep clean. A wooden deck properly treated is a durable option, as is a tiled setting. Both can be easily hosed down or power washed as needed.

Consider your storage space. As in your inside kitchen, you want your out of doors to be just as functional. The location of your grill to your refrigerator and counter space is as important outside as it is inside.

When it comes to purchasing your appliances, you want to ensure that will make it through both rain and sun. Stainless steel or ceramic appliances work great for all weather conditions, are very durable, and require low maintenance.  If the style of your home is more on the rustic side, you can consider a natural store or composite façade to create a different look.

Here’s a few other tips when it comes to decision making for your outside kitchen:

To Roof or Not to Roof 

There are many options available to cover your patio/kitchen area. You may opt for a retractable awning, a thatched roof, umbrellas or other options to provide shade and cover in case of rain.

Outdoor Bar 

Bars can function as a dining area and add more space for serving food. They can also provide a nice transition between the serving area and cooking area.

With just a few basics for your outdoor kitchen, entertaining can become easy and functional. Having everything outside is a great way to keep all of your snacks and beverages handy while spending time at your swimming pool. No more wrapping up in your towel or waiting to dry off to grab your favorite snack for your outdoor & swimming pool activities.

If you’re ready to build your outdoor kitchen, give us a call, and one of our experts will help you design the right style just for you.


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