Frozen Pipes

Did Your In-Ground Swimming Pool Water Pipes Freeze?

At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we love water. We know you do, too, that’s why you have an in-ground swimming pool. What we don’t love is when that water comes from broken swimming pool water pipes.

We just experienced some of the coldest weather we’ve had this winter season. Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan recorded days that barely hit double digits, with wind-chills that would keep a Polar Bear out of the water.

Recently, we talked about how to winterize your pool. However, we also know that sometimes not everything gets done in a timely fashion, or we base ‘this year’ on ‘last year’. If that is the case, especially when it comes to your water pipes, this weather is vastly different then last year. For instance, the first week of the year, we tied a record low of -8°.

On January 2nd, we shattered a different kind of a record. Despite the bright sunny sky, the temperature never got warmer than -5 degrees. That made it the “coldest” high temperature ever recorded for that date. Last year, the temperature was 44 degrees. A fifty-degree shift is clearly a big difference.

What should you do if you did experience broken water pipes? First, you need to determine if in fact, you have broken pipes. Typically, you would notice a good amount of water by your pump if so. However, it’s still cold, and could still be frozen. If you believe that you have experienced a break, the first thing to do is go out and inspect your pump, check for signs of water leaking or even dripping, or frozen water droplets, from the joints in your pump system. Unfortunately, you may not be able to tell until after the thaw if in fact, they’ve broken.

It would be wise to try to insulate any area where you think that there could be a break. If you haven’t done so, turn off the electrical breaker to your system. Then, we recommend that you give us a call. We can schedule one of our professional service personnel to come out and inspect your equipment. At Hawaiian Pools, we want to avoid costly repairs due to broken water pipes, as we know that enjoying the water IN your swimming pool is really what you want!

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