7 Winter Pool Care Tips

While your pool may be taking a winter break, your responsibilities as a pool owner don’t end there! Proper winterization protects your investment and ensures a smooth spring opening. Here are 7 essential tips to keep your pool sparkling and safe all winter long:

Tame the Cover:

  • Pump away standing water: Use a pump to remove water accumulating on your cover after snow or rain. Avoid ripping the cover by resisting the urge to pull off large ice chunks.
  • Secure your shield: Ensure your cover is tightly fastened using methods recommended by your pool builder. Wind can tear or even send your cover flying away!
  • Branch out from trouble: Trim overhanging branches to prevent damage from falling debris, especially under heavy snow loads.

    Mind the Water Level:

    • Find the sweet spot: Ask your pool professional about the ideal winter water level – too low can stress the cover, while too high risks freezing damage.
    • Monitor and maintain: Keep an eye on the water level throughout winter, adjusting as needed to account for evaporation or precipitation.

    Chemical Check-up:

    • Winterize wisely: Before closing your pool, professionals will adjust chemical levels for winter. However, monitor them periodically through the season to maintain algae and bacteria control.
    • Preventative measures: Proper chemical balance over winter reduces the workload come spring, making opening your pool a breeze.

    Cover Up for Protection:

    • Leaf it out: Install a leaf net over your regular cover to trap debris and simplify cleaning in the spring.
    • Branch out, part 2: Remove any branches close enough to potentially damage the cover, especially when weighed down by snow.

    Embrace Technology:

    • Invest in a freeze guard: Consider installing a freeze guard device that automatically activates your pool pump to prevent freezing and potential pipe damage in extremely cold weather.

    Seek Professional Help:

    • Schedule a winterization service: If DIY isn’t your style, let experienced professionals handle the closing process for guaranteed peace of mind.
    • Consult for concerns: Don’t hesitate to contact your pool builder for advice or assistance if you have any questions or concerns during the winter months.

    Remember, Prevention is Key:

    • Proper winterization prevents costly repairs: Taking the time and effort to care for your pool during winter can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repairs come spring.
    • Enjoy the peace of mind: Knowing your pool is well-protected allows you to relax and dream of summer swims, stress-free!

    By following these simple tips, you can ensure your pool remains a sparkling oasis throughout the winter, ready to welcome you back for a refreshing dip when warmer weather arrives. Remember, a little winter care goes a long way in protecting your investment and making spring opening a breeze!

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