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Eleven Pool Construction Ideas To Consider

From impressive fiber optic lighting to stunning waterfalls, the features that are available to you when purchasing an in-ground swimming pool or enhancing your current one is stunning and vast. At Hawaiian Pool Builders, we can design a one-of-a-kind pool for you and feature one or more top swimming pool trends.

Most of us are aware of such options as steps, ladders and even heating systems, but what about those pool features that may be less recognizable but equally important and enjoyable, and will easily personalize your own back yard oasis.

Darker Colored Pool Surfaces: Darker shades for the surface of your pool is giving the traditional light blue color some stiff competition. Besides looking great, the darker color helps to retain more of the sun’s heat, thereby it can cost less to keep your pool warm.

Larger Pools: In-ground swimming pools are getting larger. The average size being built is 20’x40’. Pools are being used for more than just recreational purposes. Many families are enjoying the health benefits of lap swimming and water aerobics. Having a longer pool allows for more space to enjoy relaxation and exercise in one spot.

Smaller pools: Many homeowners are finding that the best things really do come in small packages. You may want a pool, yet, your backyard space doesn’t seem to accommodate such a luxury. We can come up with a creative way to add a pool that fits your desires, and your space.

Fireplaces: As strange as that sounds, enjoying the glow of a fire while lounging in or around you pool, is a fantastic way to end the day with your family and friends.

Ledge Loungers: Yes, folks have been lounging on the ledges of pools for years, but, now the invention of beautifully curved in-water furniture lounging has gotten even more relaxing. There is something to be said for being warmed by the sun all the while being cooled by the water that is quite appealing.

Tanning Ledges: While on the topic of lounging, tanning ledges are getting more and more popular. You’ve invested wisely in your in-ground swimming pool, why not enhance it with a spa-like feel?

Multi-level Pool/Patio Areas: A hot trend in pool decks is to break up the area around the pool into different levels, often separated by low retaining walls.

Advanced LED Lighting: Innovations in LED lighting means that rather than five or six color options, you now have hundreds from which to choose. You’ll be amazed at how different a change in hue can make a pool look.

Energy efficiency and automation: You probably love your pool, but would love to discover ways to save money with your pool maintenance. You can switch to energy efficient pumps and heaters, thereby saving energy and money. Adding a solar cover will reduce water evaporation. Your system can be automated to have your pump and heater run when programmed, and can also turn on your lights and any jets automatically.

Saltwater chlorination: Saltwater pool systems keep your system relatively chlorine free. Not only do you have less chemicals to deal with, the saltwater is a much more natural feel on the skin. Say bye-bye to chlorine hair!

Specialized materials: It used to be that pools all looked the same. They were all finished with white plaster. But in reality, the designs are limitless, or close to it. By choosing glass tiles, pebbles and stones in the finish, your pool can be fashioned to fit your unique style, and be an extension of your in-door living space.

The term ‘staycation’ has become a little cliché, but the desire for designing a private back yard relaxation station is as hot as ever. For a fraction of the cost of a vacation, your family can enjoy the getaway feel right in your own backyard for years to come. You can check out our Pinterest page for other ideas and swimming pool trends.

There are always new developments in the swimming pool industry just around the corner. If you have questions or want to explore more options, stop by our show room or call to make an appointment with one of our professionals about your design.

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