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Thirteen Ideas For Pool Renovations

Have you had your inground swimming pool for a while? Do you look at your backyard and think it is beginning to look boring? It might be time to consider doing some pool renovations. We have thirteen ideas for pool renovations for you to consider.

Renovating your pool is an investment in your pool, backyard and the overall value of your home. Your pool was expensive to build, and you may think that a renovation would be too costly. The original investment in your pool will only last so long, and to keep your pool fun and inviting, you’ll want to consider some of these options:

Pool plaster:
The original pool finish is usually a standard white plaster. It’s been around for as long as people have been building pools and it is still a popular choice. The white plaster holds an appeal to many pool owners because when the pool is filled, the white plaster creates a brilliant, clean, light blue appearance, and it is very smooth to the touch. In recent years, there are many other colors from which you can choose if you decide that white is not your choice.

Pool tile:
Pool tile has been used for a long time, mainly because it creates a custom-look due to the variety of colors and patterns that are available. It’s also very durable and requires little maintenance. It’s built to last with relatively little care. Some pool owners enjoy the look of using random mosaics to the sides of their pools, while others enjoy mosaics filled with tropical fish, turtles, or other sea creatures.

Re-do the deck:
We recently shared some ideas about adding a pool deck or re-doing the one you have. Doing so can have the most dramatic effect on your pool and your backyard. Replacing your pool deck also enables you to redo the coping. Vinyl pools can now use stone or brick coping just as easily as concrete pools. You could even install a cantilevered deck, which ‘floats’ over the pool wall, that way the deck and the coping are one.

Add lighting around the deck:
Create a great ambiance by adding lighting around the entire patio area or just in select areas. You might simply add up-lights around trees and bushes, string lights around the entire patio or add a gas fire pit to light up the area on cooler evenings.

Change the shape:
This would more likely be the most adventurous in pool renovations, but it can be done. Pools can be extended on one end to create a longer swim lane, or you could add curves to one end, or both. Anything is possible, but some ideas are more probable than others.

Water features:
From elegant and refined to wild and natural, well placed water features help create a beautiful ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy. They can range from precise laminar deck jets that shoot a straight stream of water, to sheet waterfalls, or cascades over boulders. Water features may also be built into a small retaining wall on one side of the pool, or into a mound of boulders.

Enhance the surroundings:
You can enhance the surroundings of your pool by adding a brick or stone wall. When you create this look, adding plants, lawn ornaments, or lighting is easy to incorporate into the overall look.

LED lighting:
Since you are renovating your pool, why not add some LED lighting to it? LED lighting is very energy efficient, and the deliver a deep hue to the pool water. Adding a second lamp through your pool wall can create a dramatic effect.

Include a spa:
Adding a spa right next to your pool so that the water spills in, may be easier than you think it would be. Because they sit a few inches above your pool, they stay cleaner, and are easier to keep covered. Adding some planter boxes next to the spa with colorful flowers and greens would also be a nice touch.

Add a slide:
Adding a slide to your pool can enhance the perfect weekend for your friends and family. They do need a bit of deck space, and the water depth needs to be around 42”.

Fire features:
Perhaps you added wood to the deck, stone for a wall, why not add fire? Fire pits, tiki torches, and fire bowls warm the night air, and add a level of comfort to your cooler evenings.

Some of the pool renovations could also come in upgrades to your current systems. For instance:

Pump and filter:
It may be time to upgrade your pump and filtration system. It could be undersized, beginning to wear out, or be inefficient. Upgrading your pool equipment to dual or variable speed pool pumps can save energy, while cartridges save money. You can also add a computerized remote system to turn on/off your pump and filter.

New sanitizer systems:
Roughly two-thirds of new pools built in the U.S. are now being built with a salt chlorine generator. You can also invest in an Ozonator, which uses the power of oxygen to sanitize the water.

Some of these ideas for pool renovations are big, some not as big. Give Hawaiian Pool Builders a call to schedule an appointment, or stop in the showroom to see what ideas would work for your backyard oasis.

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